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In What Ways Can Logic Be Used To Avoid Human And Computer Error?

Logic can be defined as a reasonable way of understanding something. In the philosophy field, logic is an instrument for developing sensible conclusions centered on a set of indicators given. Therefore, logic entails reviewing correct and incorrect reasoning in order to appreciate what classifies good as good and bad as...

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The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics

In this new age of spreading information technology in day to day activities, hacking also known as cybercrime, is the greatest challenge users face in preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Preventing infiltration of operating systems in organizations is also another major challenge faced by corporates, mainly...

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The Role Of Computers In Train Transport

Computers are pivotal to nearly every component of modern day life and technology. In the transportation industry, such as in train transport, computers continue to greatly influence and positively impact both the efficiency and safety of train travel. Computers are critical to train transport and providing positive train control systems,...

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Free Website Hosting Service

After accessing and analyzing different free website hosting service providers including GoogleSites, Homestead, Freehosting and, I have ascertained that is the best free website hosting service providers. The free website hosting service providers did not have forced advertisements which made them very effective. They all did not have...

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Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness

In his article “Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness”, David Gelernter criticizes the popular claim that we are living in the information age, which is essentially different from the previous agricultural and industrial phases of development. He observes that the basic values of human beings remain the same, while the...

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