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The Myth of Computer in the Classroom

While David Gelernter is a highly respected computer scientist, his 1994 publication of The Myth of Computers in the Classroom shows little vision of the incredible opportunities for computer based in class learning to come. In 1994, there was an internet as well as educational software involving learning through games...

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Computerized Data Collection and Analysis

When concerning the idea of any data, there are many factors that influence the find and use of data. For example, a survey on a computer will help researchers determine the outcome based on the answers provided. And the answers that are provided are most likely data that is used...

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Computer-Mediated Communication

The world today is a global village probably this has been made possible by the efforts of the continuous technological advancement. Most of my time in a day I find myself making use of my mobile gadget. It has made interaction and communication less of a task. I can communicate...

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Computer Security And Information Security

Computer security is the controls and measures that ensure that information or data confidentially, integrity, and availability of information system assets which include software, firmware, software, and the information being processed, communicated, and stored. On the other hand, information security involves the protection of the information or data as well...

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Computer Game Developers and Designers

Shigeru MiyamotoPerhaps the best video game producer and designer of all time, Shigeru Miyamoto was born in Sonobe, Kyoto, Japan on 16th November 1952. From the moment he joined Nintendo in the year 1977, he has worked towards creating the best video game franchises known to most people today. Mario...

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