National Council of University Research Administrators was established in 1959, which brings together professional individuals, who are interested in administering sponsored programs and projects under training, education and research that takes place at universities and colleges (NCURA, 2013). The council also annually arranges for conferences, which includes Annual Financial Administration Conference. The purpose of the associated conference is to formulate effective procedures and policies, provision of a forum through regional and national meetings, provision of avenues to disseminate appropriate information and views, and promote research administration all based on financial administration requirements. The conference is important to a Research Financial Analyst (RFA) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in advancing their capability and capacity.

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Influence of Conference to an Employee for Positions or Additional Assignments within UCSF
The conference is important in collecting and disseminating information. The importance of most conferences is bringing together professionals from different backgrounds into discussing an issue. In addition, conferences provide an opportunity to network through associating with the major players in the field and create an understanding with people who may refer potential clients. In addition, conferences provide an opportunity to an individual to improve the overall business practices. Through attending conferences, an individual is exposed to new trends, new research, new practices and new ideas. Moreover, attending conferences is a form of de-stressing and can be seen as going on vacation. Attending conferences prevents burn out and over exhaustion of an individual translating into efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of Conference
The Annual Financial Administration Conference provides an avenue in which an individual learns financial requirements and administration of projects (NCURA, 2013). The conference provides avenues on how grants can be collected and utilized in improving medical and health centers. The funds collected are utilized in ensuring goals and objectives are achieved. To a prospective Research Financial Analyst (RFA), the individual learns new ideas and approaches towards fulfilling the objectives of the university and community based objectives (Anderson & Anderson, 2010).

Through understanding the requirements of a program project grant, an individual may improve individual values that include been responsible, efficient, and provisio of high quality services and responsive. In addition, the employee will be better placed to the collection and utilize financial information in improving outcome of a project and ensuring the objectives of program grants are fulfilled. Therefore, an individual would benefit immensely in understanding the requirements of the grant; how the grant can be optimized into fulfilling research and operational objectives.

Application of Education at the UCSF
Information is important in sustaining the requirements of any given project. Projects differ based on location, condition and applicability of the grants. Since the UCSF, is aimed at excellence in patient care, provision of education to health professionals and life sciences and other biomedical research (NCURA, 2013). A Research Financial Analyst provides financial and managerial advice in managing project budgets. Through the conference and learning achieved at the UCSF, an individual is placed in a better position to understand the requirements of their portfolio and seek ways of improving the portfolio (Rogers, 2007). Moreover, the study will provide an avenue in which an individual would continue researching and improving the financial and managerial platform in ensuring the decisions and strategies undertaken are appropriate to a given situation.

Conferences are important in sustaining and improving the skills and experience of an individual. Through attending UCSF, a Research Financial Analyst improves their skills, experience and creating networks that advances an individual learning and advancing requirements. The information collected and learned is important in improving an individual in fulfilling the objectives and roles as stipulated by the grant or financing proposal/project.

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