Conflict is a contradiction between people who share different ideas on a particular concept. Conflicts are often made within organizations. Working in a team with people who have various points of view about completing a special task might lead to a critical situation in a group. The article focuses on a conflict that appeared within the firm �The Special Event Company�. Its nature is connected with the implementation of new customer relationship management software. Most employees consider such innovation as useful while a certain group does not agree with the necessity of utilizing the program, demonstrating a severe resistance to change. Representatives of the first and second groups often engage in a verbal conflict with each other on this basis.
It should be highlighted that the conflict that exists at this company has deep roots. A few years ago, the company�s managers decided to extend the firm and hire new workers. Most newcomers were younger than those who already worked there, and such generation gap caused disagreements between employees in various spheres of work. Many young employees consider their older colleagues as excessively conservative while the latter regard newcomers as giddy and superficial. The available evidence provides a premise to believe that HR managers should implement the solution of the current conflict that is connected with the new software. They are the target audience that is to be convinced by a psychologist.

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The psychologist will offer HR managers of the company a special strategy that might help to eliminate the conflict by launching several mechanisms. A special organized trip on a weekend for all members of the workforce might be one of such instruments. In this case, people will try to find a common language in an informal atmosphere. At the same time, such strategy as conducting several trainings by the psychologist might also demonstrate the staff that it is not so difficult to find a compromise regarding a particular situation.

To sum up, there is a conflict between the two groups in the particular company. The main problem is the adoption of the new software that can facilitate the working process. Most young employees are ready to utilize this system while most of their older colleagues tend to resist this change. The target audience of the report is HR managers who might find a solution with the help of special psychological strategies.