Handling conflict as a leader requires effective communication with employees and co-workers in an organization. Not everyone communicates in the same manner, so an effective leader needs to adapt to different communication styles in order to resolve conflicts. Additionally, communication barriers can contribute to the conflict; the leader will need to understand what the barriers are and how to dissolve them. The conflict and negotiation process will play a large part in resolving the conflict. This paper will consider communication styles and barriers which impede effective communication. Many questions will help uncover the communication barriers and provide the leader with information about how to effectively resolve the conflict. What do the team members feel are barriers to effective communication within the team? What are the best practices for communication in the organization? How does the leader effectively resolve issues related to interpersonal skills among team members?

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In conclusion, resolving conflict requires effective communication among team members. Often communication barriers will increase conflict among team members and an effective leader needs to identify the barriers and how to remove the barriers. The leader may need to use the conflict and negotiation process to resolve the conflict and understand how to better lead the team. Another element of the conflict may be related to differences in communication styles and/or issues with interpersonal skills among team members. The organization may also have standards for how to communicate issues with the team, and the leader will need to be familiar with all organizational protocols and practices. Through these techniques the leader will be able to identify and resolve communication issues related to conflict within the team.