The InitiatorEach person has own perspective of a conflict, and it becomes difficult to solve a problem if two individuals view a problem from two different perspectives. When I was working for a manufacturing company two years ago, I was engaged in a conflict with a fellow team member named Karank. Karank is the kind of person who would not accept to engage in any activity that he was not employed to do. As we prepared the report for a project, we had to decide on meeting on the weekend to complete the assignment because we would be late to submit if we waited for t workday on the coming week. However, Karank felt that the leadership of the organization was manipulating us. I always feel that it is important to get things done even if it meant using personal resources and time. However, Karank would hear none of it forcing me to write the report without his involvement.

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The Difficult Person
Karank is a bureaucratic person who believes that things should be done in a specific manner regardless of the time problems. Any day, he believes that the job should be done in a way that does not conflict with personal time. It is in this context that he is unlikely to extend at the workplace or engage in any activity that was not categorized in his work contract. He will always come to work just some minutes before the recommended report time. During the conflict day, he was particularly critical of the way the management had refused to allow us more time to handle the project report and insisted that by carrying the work home, we were unfair to ourselves. To resolve the problem, he insisted that we can share the work and each person present the work to the supervisor differently. However, I believed that the work would lack a rapport and took it upon myself to complete it.