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Tylenol Case Study Summary

Stephanie Lowder's Tylenol Case Study evaluates one of the most infamous cases of product tampering in United States history, and provides an assessment of the public relations response by Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Tylenol. The case involves a 1982 crisis where seven people throughout Chicago's West Side neighborhoods...

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Internal and External Stakeholders In Prisons

Several people affect the behaviors of the inmates. The effects come from the people who are so close to the prisoners as well as those who do not directly affect the internal affairs of the prisons. Some of the stakeholders include the parole officers, police, the defense attorneys, prosecutors, the...

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Internal and External Stakeholders in Conflict Management

Culture and conflict are inextricably linked, which means that in a conflict there will be different interests and interpretations. This is because, rather than a pure legal or economic concern being at the heart of the debate, there are intrinsic concerns that are less apt to be dealt with rationally...

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Social Conflict Theory and News

The sociological perspective of conflict theory comes into play when learning about recent acts of White police brutality on Black youth and young adults. From a sociological perspective, conflict theory helps to explain how those with power in society have an influence on the weakest members of society. Through political...

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Standing Rock Protest

A set of thousands of Native Americans from all across the United States of America are gathered in South Dakota to help prevent the Dakota access pipeline from going through the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s land. The pipeline could potentially harm the tribe’s sacred land, ruin their fresh water supply,...

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