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Amendment XXIV

Although Charles came to the US when he was pretty young and had worked as a slave until when he was an adult, he could not participate in any form of elections in this nation due to the strict requirement that black voters must pay poll taxes. He understood that...

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The Marriage Protection Amendment

On June 28, 2013, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a Republican representing the First District of Kansas, introduced House Joint Resolution 51 which proposes amending the Constitution of the United States through what would be cited as the “Marriage Protection Amendment.” The amendment would define marriage in the United States as a...

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First Amendment Rights: Protected Speech or Disorderly Conduct?

Prior to the Roberts Court, the Supreme Court dealt with important questions of free speech, such as libel, commercial communications, and “fighting words.” The Court has taken a new path, focusing on the importance of tradition (Margarian, 2015, p. 1346, para. 2), an argument which could be summarized as ‘if...

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W2 Assignment: Fourth Amendment and Exceptions

The fourth amendment regulates person’s right to be protected from illegal search by police. Probable cause-based search warrant is required to be produced prior to searching of belongings, property or people. However, fourth amendment evolved, and thus several exceptions were introduced to it. As all cases have unique circumstances, law...

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Informal Amendments

As a highly adaptable document, the US Constitution is open to changes and amendments either formal or informal. This is due to the fact that socio-political changes are inevitable overtime. The formal amendment process grounds on proposal and ratification. The Congress may call a national convention or initiate a formal...

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Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The Fifth Amendment that was adopted on December 15, 1791, is a section in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution that secures the citizens of the United States from being forced to witness against themselves when they are accused of a crime, being judged twice for the...

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4th Amendment Searches

According to the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, people have a right of security as far as their houses, persons, effects and papers are concerned. This is the security against any unreasonable seizures and searches; meaning that there should be no violation of such security as provided by the constitution, unless...

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Dickey Amendment Letter

Dear representatives, In 1996, the Congress approved the Dickey Amendment which states that no funds for preventing or controlling injuries at CDC (Centers for Disease Prevention and Control) can be utilized for other purposes such as advocating or promoting gun control ( Inc., n.d.). Approval of this amendment led to...

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Summary: Progressive Amendments

The progressive amendments are U.S constitution amendments that began from the 1890s to 1920s. The amendments were connected with some sort of optimism and were seen as means to improve both the government and the society. They include the 16th amendment that enabled levying income tax by the federal government....

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The First Amendment

The first amendment, one of the landmarks of the U.S. Constitution, protects Americans from undue influence from the government. It protects the freedom of religion and freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the freedom to rightful assembly (Cornell Law School, 2018). It prohibits the Congress...

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The U.S. Constitution, the Tenth Amendment: Federal Taxing Power

The Tenth Amendment envisages that the powers that are not constitutionally delegated to the United States and are not constitutionally prohibited to the states, belong to the states and the people respectively. Among other vital issues, the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution regulates the Federal Taxing Power. By its...

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Contextualizing the Second Amendment

While the right to bear arms and form a militia did not originate with the Bill of Rights, it is certainly heavily associated with the second amendment put forth in the document. When considering the Second Amendment, one must analyze the historic context from which it arose to understand why...

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Formal Amendments

To propose and ratify formal amendments to the Constitution, there are four different methods by which these formal amendments may follow. One method is that a formal amendment may be proposed by each house of Congress by a 2/3 vote. The formal amendment is ratified through this process with a...

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Discussion 2: Equal Rights Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment, abbreviated as ERA, refers to an amendment to the US constitution which was proposed to ensure that civil rights of individuals would not be denied based on their gender or sex (Steiner, 2011). The defeat of the ERA in 1982 was shocking especially due to the point...

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Equal Rights Amendment

The issue under review is the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the Constitution of the United States of America, made in March 1972, from the historical and present-day legal perspectives. “From the very beginning, “equal rights” meant “ending special benefits” (Mansbridge, 2015), i.e. men and women would enjoy equal rights...

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The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution

The Eighth Amendment is the US Constitution’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. The Amendment was put into the Constitution as a part of the Bill of Rights during the debates about the future of the nation (Walmer & Prabhu, 2016). Namely, the framers of the Constitution were concerned about...

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Constitutional Amendment Essay

In the Constitution, the issue of foreign-born citizens needs to be outlined in a clear fashion. Foreign-born citizens often face many challenges. Some of the difficulties include prejudice in the work environment as well as in the society (Crow 73). It is an utter absurdity to live in a nation...

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Skateboard Ban Amendment Discussion

It is understandable why the powers that be might have a desire to ban all skateboarders from Holyfield Park once and for all having introduced severe fines and policies to ensure that any law breakers would immediately endure a sizeable penalty of $300 with the possible seizure of the board....

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How Has The 13th Amendment Been Applied To Legal And Illegal Immigration?

The Thirteenth Amendment bars two different institutions of slavery and involuntary servitude which can be described as prohibiting systematic oppressions that strike intersections of human rights, civil rights, citizenship rights and labor rights. Bearing this in mind, large groups of workers of color who work in fields and homes of...

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Constitutional Amendment on Gun Ownership

As a reaction to the increased cases of mass shootings that have been experienced in the United States, a debate has ensued on the need to amend the constitution in regards to gun ownership. One of the reasons for increased mass shootings is the right to ownership of guns in...

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