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Amendment XXIV

Although Charles came to the US when he was pretty young and had worked as a slave until when he was an adult, he could not participate in any form of elections in this nation due to the strict requirement that black voters must pay poll taxes. He understood that...

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Informal Amendments

As a highly adaptable document, the US Constitution is open to changes and amendments either formal or informal. This is due to the fact that socio-political changes are inevitable overtime. The formal amendment process grounds on proposal and ratification. The Congress may call a national convention or initiate a formal...

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Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The Fifth Amendment that was adopted on December 15, 1791, is a section in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution that secures the citizens of the United States from being forced to witness against themselves when they are accused of a crime, being judged twice for the...

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The Marriage Protection Amendment

On June 28, 2013, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a Republican representing the First District of Kansas, introduced House Joint Resolution 51 which proposes amending the Constitution of the United States through what would be cited as the “Marriage Protection Amendment.” The amendment would define marriage in the United States as a...

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First Amendment Rights: Protected Speech or Disorderly Conduct?

Prior to the Roberts Court, the Supreme Court dealt with important questions of free speech, such as libel, commercial communications, and “fighting words.” The Court has taken a new path, focusing on the importance of tradition (Margarian, 2015, p. 1346, para. 2), an argument which could be summarized as ‘if...

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