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W2 Assignment: Fourth Amendment and Exceptions

The fourth amendment regulates person’s right to be protected from illegal search by police. Probable cause-based search warrant is required to be produced prior to searching of belongings, property or people. However, fourth amendment evolved, and thus several exceptions were introduced to it. As all cases have unique circumstances, law...

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4th Amendment Searches

According to the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, people have a right of security as far as their houses, persons, effects and papers are concerned. This is the security against any unreasonable seizures and searches; meaning that there should be no violation of such security as provided by the constitution, unless...

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Dickey Amendment Letter

Dear representatives, In 1996, the Congress approved the Dickey Amendment which states that no funds for preventing or controlling injuries at CDC (Centers for Disease Prevention and Control) can be utilized for other purposes such as advocating or promoting gun control ( Inc., n.d.). Approval of this amendment led to...

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Summary: Progressive Amendments

The progressive amendments are U.S constitution amendments that began from the 1890s to 1920s. The amendments were connected with some sort of optimism and were seen as means to improve both the government and the society. They include the 16th amendment that enabled levying income tax by the federal government....

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The First Amendment

The first amendment, one of the landmarks of the U.S. Constitution, protects Americans from undue influence from the government. It protects the freedom of religion and freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the freedom to rightful assembly (Cornell Law School, 2018). It prohibits the Congress...

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