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The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution

The Eighth Amendment is the US Constitution’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. The Amendment was put into the Constitution as a part of the Bill of Rights during the debates about the future of the nation (Walmer & Prabhu, 2016). Namely, the framers of the Constitution were concerned about...

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Amendments of the United States

The first Amendment to the United States Constitution forbids the creations of any laws regarding the respect of an establishment of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, impeding the free exercise of religion, interfering with the right to peaceable assemble, infringing on the freedom of the press, and prohibition the...

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Constitutional Amendment Essay

In the Constitution, the issue of foreign-born citizens needs to be outlined in a clear fashion. Foreign-born citizens often face many challenges. Some of the difficulties include prejudice in the work environment as well as in the society (Crow 73). It is an utter absurdity to live in a nation...

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Skateboard Ban Amendment Discussion

It is understandable why the powers that be might have a desire to ban all skateboarders from Holyfield Park once and for all having introduced severe fines and policies to ensure that any law breakers would immediately endure a sizeable penalty of $300 with the possible seizure of the board....

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How Has The 13th Amendment Been Applied To Legal And Illegal Immigration?

The Thirteenth Amendment bars two different institutions of slavery and involuntary servitude which can be described as prohibiting systematic oppressions that strike intersections of human rights, civil rights, citizenship rights and labor rights. Bearing this in mind, large groups of workers of color who work in fields and homes of...

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