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The Texas Constitution

Like other states, Texas has operated under several Constitutions and each of this has played a significant role on the state’s constitutional history. Additionally, it was controlled and governed by different nations namely Spain, France and Mexico (Levinson and William, 211). Each one of this is acknowledged and recognized from...

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Constitution of the State of Texas

State legislation is a pivotal part of the American government system and the structure of how government is conducted in the United States. Among the many different forms of legislation which states have passed, many have been found to be lacking in the capabilities to be conducive or complementary to...

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Texas Constitutional Right

Civil Liberties and Civil RightsCivil rights include the legal strategies that the state takes to establish equal opportunities for all citizens. For instance, the Fourteenth Constitutional Amendment in America guarantees the citizens equal protection and citizenship under the law. Because all the citizens in Texas who qualifies to vote have...

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House Bill 257

House Bill 2572, passed by the State of Washington’s House of Representatives and by the State Senate on March 13, 2014, is a law that involves implementing a more effective health care system in Washington; the language of the bill refers to it as a “state heath care innovation plan”....

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The Purpose of Arizona Bill

The purpose of Arizona Bill SB 1070 was to provide a disincentive for unlawful aliens to remain in Arizona, and to increase the processes which identify unlawful aliens so that they can be dealt with by federal authorities. While immigration is a federal jurisdiction, many states have become frustrated with...

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