Construction project managers are a vital part of any project that is to be successfully completed on budget. Not only is knowledge about the building codes important, but also keeping the team on the same page is of utmost importance. In order to keep the members of the team on the same page, I will ensure the subcontractors are well qualified for each particular part of the project. For this to happen, it will be important to use an open bid so that I can get a good view of all the contractors and make my final decision by qualifications-based selection. By choosing the subcontractors, which fit the office’s needs through examining the request for qualifications, I will ensure the project is that of quality.

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After the most qualified subcontractors are chosen, it will be a good idea to decide on what kind of payment contract matches both of our needs. While this may require some negotiation, I will try and push for a lump sum form of payment so that the subcontractor understands we mean business. The next step would be planning the actual project so that all team members are on the same page. Some of these planning documents would include a work breakdown structure, which shows the project in small pieces for the team members. In addition, providing the team members with a plan for communication would be very important so that the project can be completed smoothly. To keep the team in line, it’s been my experience that constant contact is the way to go and what better way to use software to help do this.

Using mobile computing alternatives which allow project managers and other workers access to enter equipment information and production information on the project site would really help keep productivity up since the records would be entered daily. This would be helpful for the whole team so they can keep tabs on what everyone is doing and reduces blame later on in the project.