Across the globe, several companies supply consumables that are essential for purposes of keeping the airworthy of aircraft. Jaco Aerospace is among such companies that provide high-quality products for its customers in the United States (US). Jaco Aerospace is a sister organization to ELJet that is a private jet charter services company (Long 2014). The company has been in existence for more than 40 years in the aircraft consumables sector in the US and until today, they continue to be among the leading companies supplying both the private and commercial owners of airplanes with parts of aircraft.

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The headquarters of Jaco Aerospace is located at, Los Angeles in the US. The company was established in 1971 to provide chemicals, consumables and raw materials that are of high quality to the private and the commercial owners of the aerospace industry (Miller 2018). The key aspect that is involved with the consumables that are provided by Jaco Aerospace is the fact that they are of high quality as compared to those of its competitors in the market. Such competitors include Techniplas, Gestair and TechOps. The high-quality consumables that are supplied by the company are inclusive of the ground support equipment (GSE) as well as the maintenance repair together with overhaul (MRO) products.

The main target market for the company includes commercial airlines, private companies and the governments. They aim at providing them with materials of high quality that are required in the maintenance of aging aircraft as well as finding out new solutions regarding the problems that are faced within the aerospace as well as aviation industries. Due to the company being a trusted aviation consumables company, it is responsible for distributing materials that are of the highest standards, such as official mil-spec supplies (Long 2014).

The main inventories for the company include items such as hand tools, lock wire, tapes, gloves, tubing, paint supplies, cleaners, barrier papers, plastic laminates, cordage and sheeting. The company aims at expanding its operations across the world by providing high-quality services to its customers in the private and commercial aerospace industry.

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