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International Contracts

This paper discusses “The latest issues regarding trademarks, patents, and copyrights.” It considers companies attempting to patent business plans and life forms, and speculates on where the music business will end up as a result of its inability to protect its copyrighted works that are available on the Internet. As...

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Music Copyright Laws

A copyright is a legal device that allows the producer of artistic or some creative work the exclusive right to either publish or even sell that work (Stim, 5). Copyrights are meant to protect the expression of ideas. Copyright infringement touches on any breach of the exclusive rights of the...

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Copyright Law and Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to any creation that is a result of human intelligence. These creations of the intellect include copyrightable works (music, literature, art, and trademarks and service marks) and patented works (inventions, and distinguishing features such as logos, package designs, and corporate names, among others). In times past, it...

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Event Review – Intellectual Property

The most important form of software protection is copyright. This is because it is source code, which is a trade secret. Copyright is the sole right to produce or reproduce a work. It protects expression of the idea. Works can be articles, graphic design, music, photographs, data, books, or website...

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Copyright, One Search and Creative Commons

Copyright in its broadest sense is the legal right(s) created by the law that grants the creator of an original work the rights to its use and distribution usually for a limited time with the intention of enabling the author of the original work receive compensation for their efforts (Yoo,...

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