Belief in Supreme God (Brahman)There is not the only God, but the Hindu accept the existence of the supreme God, whose name is Brahman. For the Hindu, he is “a power throughout the universe” (Peckinpaugh, n.d.). This God represents the ultimate goal of the believers. The Hindu believe that they have a divine origin, but forgot that with the flow of time. Brahman is waiting for those who find the way to reunite with him.

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Belief in Multiple Gods
The gods and goddesses that exist in the teaching of Hinduism represent Brahman’s powers and qualities as “human beings and all animate and inanimate things in creation” (Daman, 2014). This makes the religion expansive with many people who worship different gods when they have particular needs.

Dharma is one of the major beliefs in this religion. This teaching serves several purposes including law, obligation, and duty. These are not only strict rules. When someone practices dharma, this means that he or she performs duties and love in a way defined with the Holy Teaching.

Karma is a well-known concept spread over the world. Basically, karma is the cause-effect relation between the deeds of a person and what he gets for that or simply “we reap what we sow” (Turner, n.d.). This goes beyond only the relation between life and after-life. The result of person’s action could be seen during life. No matter what life and reactions are given back to a person, karma is a negative concept as it repeats the circle of reincarnations. If one succeeds breaking karma and circles of life, he or she reunite with the Supreme God.

Samsara is a circle of endless incarnations. When life finishes, a person is given another life according to what kind of person he was before death. The circle of lives is unbreakable unless the state of nirvana is reached. It is also perceived by the Hindu as a bad concept and this “suffering is caused by people needing to work of bad karma” (Turner, n.d.).

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