Belief in one GodThe core belief if that there is no other God who could be served of worshipped. To accept other gods or worship anyone/anything else is a sin. However, God is generous. He could forgive any sin, except for “if a person dies before repenting from it [sin]” (Mufti, 2013).

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Belief in Prophets and Gods
Apart from angels whose presence and work are not visible, God also communicates through human prophets. They also work in the name of God in evert nation. The names of the prophets are well-known: Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, etc. Their task on the earth is to spread the religion stating that there is only one God and other religious dogmas.

Belief in the Angels
Angels are “honored creatures” (“Islam Guide,” n.d.) that live among us, serve God in various needs. Some Angels write what people do and say to be judged when the time comes.

Belief in Revealed Books of God
Initially, there were such holy writing like the Psalms, Torah, and the Gospel. These written words of God were distorted or lost with time. Nowadays, Muslims comply with the text of Quran as “God’s final revelation” (Mufti, 2013). Prophet Muhammad was given this book to preserve the Holy Word of God.

Belief in Day of Judgment
Similarly to some other religions, the belief of the Judgment Day is present in Islam. This day is the final day of everything and everyone, when life will come to an end. According to this belief, every person will be raised from the dead to be judged personally and separately. God will see beliefs, religion, and actions of a person to choose whether to be merciful or strict. In the case of the latter, merciful God will let the person enter Heaven and enjoy eternal life. As one of the beliefs states that there could be no other faiths but Islam, God will send non-believers to Hell.

Belief in Destiny and Divine Decree
As God controls everyone and everything, it becomes obvious that nothing happens without his touch. Despite total overseeing, the concept does not contradict with the idea of free will. Control of actions is not needed as God knows our soul and mind. This belief helps people who experience hardships in life to stay focused and remain a believer.

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