BP ranks among the top leading oil and gas companies internationally. Their main aim is to provide in as many diverse forms as possible such that the customer can be given a chance to choose what they would want. Their main products are fuel, energy, lubricants and the chemicals that originate from petrol and are used to make the items that we get to use on a daily basis.

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Due to its economical, social and political influence around the world, BP has to keep the media informed on the current events that are taking place. In other words; it has to make as many press releases as the events may call for.

It is important to understand that there are several differences between a press release and a corporate news release. A press release is usually limited by time; for instance if there are breaking news that affect many people then they definitely have to report the information to the media houses who would later report them to the mass. Press release do not necessarily self promote; if a press release seems to be even slightly marketing the firm; then the media houses rejects the information.

In one of their press release displayed from their website at http://www.bp.com/, they have reported positive news with regard to the safety honors that they recently acquired. The news audience was supposedly media houses. I must accredit that the title in this case was precise and direct to the point and the tone was quite professional. Although the news was supposedly about the safety award that they recently got; they brought in other news that did not report further on the receiving of the award. The news did not turn out to be promotional at all. They just supported the reasons behind the receipt of two safety honors in a row. The news release would have been further enhanced by providing a link that could lead to the award receiving event’s photos or videos. Reading about it is an okay thing to do, however, use of graphics makes it more colorful and believable.