Corporate social responsibility to me is when a business has a position or a cause about which it is passionate. Corporate social responsibility means working toward creating a better world for its customers and for society at large. When businesses demonstrate that they care about maximizing profit and the world simultaneously, it makes for a better brand reputation and for its customers, better and stronger brand loyalty.

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It is easy to understand in this transparent digital age when social activism or care for a cause is just a gimmick. Consumers are aware of the nature of businesses which leaves them automatically defensive and skeptical. The company I have chosen to analyze is Starbucks Corporation, one that is lauded not only for its products and customer service, but for its responsibility to the world. In its efforts to be a responsible citizen, Starbucks has taken many initiatives to be engage in responsible and ethical business practices.

One of them is its CAFÉ program, known as the Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices that supports formers, loans and carbon projects, each of which “support improving farmer livelihoods” through improving sustainability and productivity (“Ethical Sourcing: Coffee”). Starbucks has invested more than $100 million into coffee farming communities for high-quality brews not only for itself, but throughout the world’s supply chains. I am already an occasional Starbucks drinker. Although I do not drink coffee (which makes my menu choices very limited), I recognize, support and respect Starbucks for its efforts, especially as a large corporation who has the means to sustain without caring about the farmers whose work essentially drives its business.

Great post this week! I admire Coca-Cola not only as a refreshing drink, but as a socially responsible brand as well. It is interesting to read your perspective as an employee there. I have visited the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta which is ripe with information and exhibits about the people behind Coke. I have also visited its website many times to learn about what it does for communities and the world and I’ve found its tenacity and impact to be immense. What I do wish that Coca-Cola did more of was take more narrow approaches to diversity and inclusion aside from just championing the diversity of its employees but taking a stand against social injustices as well.