The American Airline Group has high regard for corporate social responsibility. It is always seeking to build a culture of mutual trust and corporate responsibility with the stakeholders who include the employees, shareholders, and the community. The company has a special focus on environmental sustainability. As a global airline, American Airlines Group exercises the responsibility of managing its environmental impact, relying on renewable sources of energy to minimize it indirect emissions. By the end of 2017, the company was ranked position 43 amongst the largest green power users. The focus will be on the corporate social responsibility of American Airlines Group.

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The company has taken the initiative of reducing its carbon footprint by improving fuel efficiency; for example, the 787 Dreamliner has reduced by 20 percent, using sustainable alternative jet fuel, and high and efficient recycling efforts (Chandra et al., 2017). Its efforts in environmental preservation are also evident in its buildings, with the new construction following the US GBC, which deals in energy and ecological protection. An excellent example of this being the Fort Worth headquarters at Texas, which is designed to meet the LEED Gold standard certification.

It also actively engages in other community development and elevating initiatives, especially those targeting disadvantaged groups. Since 1994, the company has partnered with UNICEF in the Change for Good Program to assist save and improve the lives of children across the globe. In 2017, about 1.5 million dollars were contributed for this cause, while a further 4.7 million dollars were raised for various charities (American Airlines, 2017).

Carroll’s CSR pyramid identifies various aspects of corporate social responsibility in an organization, stating, profits must come first before others (Carroll, 2016). The American Airline Group strictly adheres to this model ensuring it fulfills the responsibility of being profitable, and this enables it to continue operations in years to come, and thus be of long-term. The pyramid also advocates for ethical considerations, a factor that is highly valued and practiced at American term benefit.

Conclusively, The American Airlines Group carries out its corporate social responsibility in various ways. The company also adheres to employment regulations in the industry, for example by allowing for diversity in its workforce.It, therefore, also ensures health and safety of the members of Airline Group, and this is evident by the annual web-based compliance training and certification that every employee in the organization has to complete every year to ensure moral and ethical compliance. The efforts undertaken by American Airline Group are similar to those adopted by other airlines, although the brand is ahead of a majority of its competitors in environmental preservation efforts.

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