The concept of CSR has significantly changed since the 1960s. It has come a long way, “from examining CSR as an aggregate of multiple social dimensions to focusing on a specific element of social activities” (Wang et al. 537). Moreover, many companies have come to realize that positive CSR efforts tend to improve financial performance (D’Amato et al. 42). Target, much like many other large corporations within the United States has decided to stay at the forefront of CSR in many efforts. The efforts outlined in their 2015 report outline efforts in the following categories: inspiring wellness, fostering sustainability, creating a more inclusive society, and investing in local communities.

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The endeavor of inspiring wellness is very similar to the same effort of other companies that have made this a CSR initiative as well. Other companies, such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS have taken on this endeavor as well, and have made great progress through outreach, donations, and educational resources. Target allocated 2.5 million dollars to the Kid Power program which reached out to approximately 70 thousand “students in high-need communities” (Target). Secondly, 31 brands and over 200 new products “joined the Made to Matter collection” (Target). The companies that have joined this trend of wellness and sustainability have steadily been equal in their initiatives and none of the companies have shown a real advantage or excess effort in regard to one another.

Target has taken an active effort in investing in the communities. As cited in the 2015 report, over the past nineteen years, over 460 million has been invested in the schools (Target). The Walmart Family Foundation has made an initiative to donate a billion to schools. As stated, previously, corporations are steadily competing with one another in their efforts of investing in communities and will continue to do so as an active CSR effort. One of the companies must take a more active stand to set themselves apart from the others.