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Corporate Social Responsibility

Weight Watchers Guidelines to a New CEO

Weight Watchers is an international Lifestyle organization that manufacturers and sells healthy products. The organization started in the USA in 1963 and had total assets of 1.4 Billion Dollars by July 2013. In the last three years and when comparing with the last one decade, the organizations has been having...

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Apple Code Of Conduct

The apple company holds a strong code of conduct, to which it also expects the suppliers in the different parts of the world to comply. The major or rather the biggest part of the code of ethics is the adherence to the international standards of social and environmental care, and...

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Corporate Ethics Assessment Project

Vision and mission statements specify the ultimate purpose and values of the business, and the company’s goals and objectives (CEAP Gold Handout). The company selected for the analysis is Buffalo Wild Wings, an American restaurant franchise, publicly traded on the NASDAQ. The company’s vision statement can be identified as being...

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Ethical Decision Making and Its Impact on Corporate Safety Culture

Although organizations keep implementing advanced systems of safety and risk prevention, the incidence of adverse events and man-made disasters in organizations and beyond is at all times high. As companies keep struggling to adopt robust approaches to safety management and emergency prevention, ethical decision making is gradually moving to the...

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Business Ethics and Enron

This paper will utilize the case study on Enron to determine the appropriate application of business ethics, and it will work to present the Enron case in light of three different articles regarding ethical business practices. Through a clear analysis of the ethics of the situation, it will be possible...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st Century

The decision to “Do What is Right” or to “Do What is Profitable” is a decision many a corporate CEO has faced for the last century. As the government now recognizes corporations as if they were people, the decision to this question has a lot more scope of impact. (Smith,...

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Target Corporation: CSR Analysis

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Target seems to be in line with the elements of citizenship (protecting the environment, corporate philanthropy) governance (ethical business dealings) workplace environment (safety, satisfaction, morale, loyalty, health and wellness) is identified by Chan (6-11). The firm reports commitments and progress in four domains including environment...

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Is a Business’s Only Responsibility to Produce Profits?

A business’s only responsibility is to produce profits. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that challenges the conventionally-held belief that the sole purpose of a business is to create profit. Proponents of CSR urge that the role of businesses must...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Research Questions

History indicates that social activities shape humanity. In United States, the state of the country was dependent on public protests that focused on women suffrage, civil rights acts, and environmental campaigns. Through the activities implemented in Unites States, companies such as BP, Nike, and Walmart shaped organization’s corporate responsibility, helping...

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Summary of Marriott’s CSR Approach

The success of any corporation is anchored on its leadership and policies. One of the factors that have enabled Marriott to operate as a going is its belief in the culture of “spirit to serve.” For more than 80 years, Marriott has used the SERVE signature to render its services...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report Analysis Of Target

The concept of CSR has significantly changed since the 1960s. It has come a long way, “from examining CSR as an aggregate of multiple social dimensions to focusing on a specific element of social activities” (Wang et al. 537). Moreover, many companies have come to realize that positive CSR efforts...

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Assessment Task: Etisalat and Du Case Study

Introduction CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an element that is increasingly becoming essential to all businesses across the globe. Many people view corporations to be exploitative to the economy, and that they are only established for the goal of maximizing profits without contributing to the society and economy in which...

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CSR Brief

There is a distinct relationship between the culture of an organization, its performance, and its ability to accept change (Acar & Acar, 2014; Hogan & Coote, 2014; Jacobs, Mannion, Davies, Harrison, Konteh, & Walshe, 2013; Uzkurt, Kumar, Kimzan, & Eminoglu, 2013). The relationship is a pronounced one in many organizations,...

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CSR Essay

A business’s only responsibility is to produce profit. To what extent do you agree with this statement? The late Milton Friedman, a venerated American economist, promoted the idea that businesses only had one responsibility, and that was to maximize returns to its shareholders (Friedman 1962). This line of thinking has...

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CSR Initiative Of Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren foundation has different CSR initiatives focused on service in underserved communities, education and cancer care. Under its umbrella it encompasses philanthropic programs such as American Heroes Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Pink Pony Campaign and Polo volunteers and Polo Fashion School, to name a few. Under the Habitat...

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Starbucks CSR Analysis

Introduction Starbucks has adopted a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy within its operations worldwide. This strategy encompasses a number of key areas, including communities, the environment, and ethical sourcing, all of which contribute to the overall direction of the organization in this focus area (Starbucks). The organization represents itself effectively...

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CSR Concept Definition

Corporate Social responsibility is a concept that obliges corporations to commit non-profit obligations before their stakeholders, community they serve and target markets alongside their for-profit concerns. CSR is about corporate citizenship, corporate conscience, and sustainable social performance of the businesses. Namely CSR makes today’s companies more socially responsible through corporate...

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Analysis of Mantiou’s CSR Initiatives

Modern companies build their business models according to their responsibilities towards the community and environment. This policy is referred to as corporate social responsibility, and it is closely connected with company’s risk management, cost savings, human resource management, customer relationships, and innovation capacity (European Commission n.p.). French company Manitou Group...

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Simon Group CSR Strategy

The Simon Group is strongly committed to serving and helping the communities that are directly or indirectly affected by its operations. The corporation is committed to the State of Michigan and has invested heavily in improving the lives of people in Detroit metro. For instance the corporation buys distressed properties...

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Marriott CSR Activities

Marriott is a multinational hospitality company headquartered in Bethesda, U.S.A., which franchises and manages a portfolio of lodging facilities and hotels. Marriott contributes to CSR in several ways, including making the communities in which they operate; better areas to visit, work, and live through investments in support and aid to...

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