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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility in American Airlines Group

The American Airline Group has high regard for corporate social responsibility. It is always seeking to build a culture of mutual trust and corporate responsibility with the stakeholders who include the employees, shareholders, and the community. The company has a special focus on environmental sustainability. As a global airline, American...

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Global Citizenship

Corporate social responsibility to me is when a business has a position or a cause about which it is passionate. Corporate social responsibility means working toward creating a better world for its customers and for society at large. When businesses demonstrate that they care about maximizing profit and the world...

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Employee Development and Social Responsibility

In order to prepare an employee for a position, whether that employee came from a different position in the company or from outside, one key ingredient to success is communication. Every career change comes with its own difficulties. Being welcomed into the company for the first time can be exciting...

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Relationship Management and Social Responsibility

Apple Inc Apple Inc under the leadership of Tim Cook has focused on social responsibility at a level that it did not under Steve Jobs. Under the former leader, the company was alert of its environmental impact as seen in its product approach, which 87% is driven by renewable energy...

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CSR in Asia

Over the past 20 years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has moved to the forefront of all business interactions, most specifically in western business practices. Corporate U.S. scandals including Enron, World Com, and the housing and foreclosure crises have led to shifts in how companies conduct business and how transparent they...

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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility refers to “the obligation of decision makers to actions which protect and improve the welfare of a society as a whole along with their own interests” (Lindgreen & Swaen 2010). In today’s business world and socio-political climate, corporate social responsibility has emerged as more than a tactic,...

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Coca Cola Strike

What happens when critical services are subject to a strike, how does it affect the general public? Strikes leads to many factors that contribute to some activities in the communities and to the world as a whole, of which some of these factors are positive or negative. These factors have...

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Compassion, Self-Compassion, and Psychological Capital in Socially Responsible Organizations (SROs)

Socially responsible organizations (SROs) are trending. A recent interview with David Carrey, a global manager at CECP, a coalition of CEOs engaged in positive social change, revealed his expectations that 2017 would see increased integration of business practices and social strategies, longer term commitment to this integration, increasing recognition of...

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Development and Implementation of Social Initiatives

This is written in response to the Board’s request for assistance in helping the Houston Food Bank (HFB) to develop and implement social initiatives. Clearly an organization’s decision to engage in corporate social responsibility efforts is not to be taken lightly, in so much as it confers benefits on both...

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Empirical Study of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility

The first article is titled, “The Causal Effect of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility”. The authors are Jo Hoje and Maretno A. Harjoto. The purpose of the study it examines the association between corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities. The author’s statement is that establishing the causality between corporate...

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WPA Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has been enormously defined as a concept where companies combine both social and environmental concerns in their activities while integrating with the stakeholders. The article “the real corporate responsibility” was written by Crystia Freeland and appeared on Washington Post on July 18th, 2010. In this article, the...

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Ethics/Social Responsibility – What a Fraud!

Tight job markets with an excess of applicants over positions result in many job seekers committing fraud to try to rise higher in the candidate pool. It has been estimated that thirty percent of all candidates will engage in some sort of deception in these circumstances in order to stand...

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