Samples "Corporate Social Responsibility"

Corporate Social Responsibility

Weight Watchers Guidelines to a New CEO

Weight Watchers is an international Lifestyle organization that manufacturers and sells healthy products. The organization started in the USA in 1963 and had total assets of 1.4 Billion Dollars by July 2013. In the last three years and when comparing with the last one decade, the organizations has been having...

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Apple Code Of Conduct

The apple company holds a strong code of conduct, to which it also expects the suppliers in the different parts of the world to comply. The major or rather the biggest part of the code of ethics is the adherence to the international standards of social and environmental care, and...

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Corporate Ethics Assessment Project

Vision and mission statements specify the ultimate purpose and values of the business, and the company’s goals and objectives (CEAP Gold Handout). The company selected for the analysis is Buffalo Wild Wings, an American restaurant franchise, publicly traded on the NASDAQ. The company’s vision statement can be identified as being...

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Ethical Decision Making and Its Impact on Corporate Safety Culture

Although organizations keep implementing advanced systems of safety and risk prevention, the incidence of adverse events and man-made disasters in organizations and beyond is at all times high. As companies keep struggling to adopt robust approaches to safety management and emergency prevention, ethical decision making is gradually moving to the...

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Business Ethics and Enron

This paper will utilize the case study on Enron to determine the appropriate application of business ethics, and it will work to present the Enron case in light of three different articles regarding ethical business practices. Through a clear analysis of the ethics of the situation, it will be possible...

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