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Corporate Social Responsibility

Starbucks CSR Analysis

Introduction Starbucks has adopted a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy within its operations worldwide. This strategy encompasses a number of key areas, including communities, the environment, and ethical sourcing, all of which contribute to the overall direction of the organization in this focus area (Starbucks). The organization represents itself effectively...

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CSR Concept Definition

Corporate Social responsibility is a concept that obliges corporations to commit non-profit obligations before their stakeholders, community they serve and target markets alongside their for-profit concerns. CSR is about corporate citizenship, corporate conscience, and sustainable social performance of the businesses. Namely CSR makes today’s companies more socially responsible through corporate...

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Analysis of Mantiou’s CSR Initiatives

Modern companies build their business models according to their responsibilities towards the community and environment. This policy is referred to as corporate social responsibility, and it is closely connected with company’s risk management, cost savings, human resource management, customer relationships, and innovation capacity (European Commission n.p.). French company Manitou Group...

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Simon Group CSR Strategy

The Simon Group is strongly committed to serving and helping the communities that are directly or indirectly affected by its operations. The corporation is committed to the State of Michigan and has invested heavily in improving the lives of people in Detroit metro. For instance the corporation buys distressed properties...

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Marriott CSR Activities

Marriott is a multinational hospitality company headquartered in Bethesda, U.S.A., which franchises and manages a portfolio of lodging facilities and hotels. Marriott contributes to CSR in several ways, including making the communities in which they operate; better areas to visit, work, and live through investments in support and aid to...

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