Sinking deep into Sutner’s piece of research, no one can fail to note that its major perspective gravitates largely towards enlightening 21st century employers on the ways corporate wellness software can decrease employee turnover. Moving through the article, it comes to light that the author makes stress upon illuminating the reasons why integrating wellness programs must be given a serious consideration. In fact, Sutner advances an argument that there is a strong correlation between the implementation of employee wellness programs and the chances to enhance business productivity. Sure enough, Stuart conveys his central claim in a manner that provides an unbiased and accurate representation of corporate wellness programs. In reviewing Corporate Wellness Software Can Help Employers Reduce Turnover, it becomes apparent that wellness programs contribute to “overall company wellbeing and employee engagement” (Stuart); and, hence, giving priority attention to a whole-person approach does make sense in our time.
The study based on an analysis of 2015 Limeade data gives reasonable grounds for submitting that wellness programs deserve a careful regard, for they can help organizations improve the efficiency of their workers. Other surveys provide additional insights into the extent to which corporate wellness programs help save companies money. According to Forrester Research analyst Claire Schooley, an increased focus on employee health will definitely bear fruits in the not-too-distant future. By immersing into Stuart’s article, it can be seen that business needs to be multi-faced and rest upon a holistic marketing approach.

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In sum, it is not an exaggeration to say that the present article is intended to shed light on what features link the best businesses. All things considered, one can assume that employee recognition programs should be referred to as a huge help against the backgrounds of today’s turbulent times.

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