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Evaluation of Gordon MacKenzie’s Orbiting the Giant Hairball

Gordon MacKenzie's Orbiting the Giant Hairball is an examination of corporate culture that essentially argues for more creativity in the workplace. MacKenzie believes that a lack of creativity often results from a corporate, or even social culture that favors conformity. Three main points that MacKenzie addresses are the value of...

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Principles of Corporate Governance

Principles of cooperate governance are made to help the policy makers to develop legal regulations and a framework for corporate governance. The principles promote financial stability and sustainable growth which that all stakeholders who include board members, executives, service providers and financial intermediaries work to achieve (OECD, 2015). The laws...

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Should Corporations Be Allowed to Finance Political Campaigns?

Alexander and Hanson (2012) make a balanced case both for and against the issue of corporations being allowed to finance political campaigns. And it is true that there are two sides to the argument. It appears from the evidence that there is a stronger case for allowing corporations to finance...

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JetBlue Case Study

JetBlue is an American based airline company operating within the United States its surrounding regions of the Caribbean, Latin America and South America. In the first two years of operation, the company’s profits had grown extensively despite the fact that the airline industry in the United States faced big challenges...

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Blue Orb Inc

Blue Orb Inc., formerly known as Keybowl Inc., is a company that has a history of developing “game-changing” keyboard and hand-oriented technology for computer users. Pete McAlindon, CEO of Blue Orb Inc., developed the orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard during his studies at the University of Central Florida. The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard...

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Nordstrom Competitive Analysis

Nordstrom was founded in 1901 by Carl Wallin and John Nordstrom as a shoe retailer in Seattle, acquiring the name Nordstrom in 1930 after Nordstrom’s sons acquired the company fully. The company expanded exponentially in Northwestern U.S. by opening and acquiring other shoe retailers and clothing stores, before going public...

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Sony vs Samsung vs Apple

Summary My research was firmly centered on Samsung and its ability to maintain its reputation in comparison to competing companies such as Apple and Sony. The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung served as the primary focus of my research and assignment as it provided a simple glimpse or example of...

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Sarbanes Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 was put in place after several failures entailing functions meant to safeguard the interests of the investors (Dowd, 2016). With numerous highly controversial requirements, SOX developed a modified regulatory outline for the public accounting and auditing career and offered guidance for a reinforced corporate...

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Samsung Knox

Product Mix Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the most successful companies in the world. It offers high-quality technological products of different type and purpose. The corporation is known as a B2C type of company offering different personal electronic appliances to the customers. However, it is an active participant...

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Samsung Ethics

Samsung Electronics represents one of the largest consortia in electronics, originally from South Korea. The company has a lot of employees around the world as well as has some subsidiary companies. The large capacity of the company also raises some valid points as to whether the company ethically behaves with...

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Philips versus Matsushita: The Battle Continues

It is important to state that company CEOs should prepare for the anticipated challenges in their organization to avoid making the loss and losing customers. Evidently, Philips became the leading consumer electronics after the post-war period because it utilized the strengths that existed in the national organizations (NOs). It is...

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Political Economics of Google

The aim of this paper will be to evaluate the political economy of google. Google is the most widely used web page on the internet. This fact has enabled the company become one of the biggest in the World. With online users increasing by the day combined with the number...

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New Heritage Doll Company Case Solution

Overview The New Heritage Doll Company was founded in 1985 and is known for the production of dolls with wholesome themes and unique storylines to help children develop their imagination, while also learning American history. The three main operating divisions in the organization are production, retailing, and licensing where the...

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Twitter Financial Analysis

The company being used for this financial analysis is Twitter Incorporation. It is a social networking website within the media and entertainment industry. The purpose of the company is to “give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers” (Twitter Incorporated, 2014). This allows for...

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Coca Cola Marketing

The vision and the mission of the Coca-Cola company are based on the long history of the brand. Primarily, it looks at the final destination where the business process of the Coca-Cola will lead. The official website of the Coca-Cola notes that the vision of the company serves as a...

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Food Inc Summary

The film Food, Inc. makes it very clear that something is very wrong with our food system today. It is very different from what we think of our food supply, deliberately so. According to the film, the food industry intentionally separates our awareness from what we’re eating by presenting a...

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Marketing Analysis of Uber

The marketing plan for Uber was wildly successful despite the obvious challenge of launching a service in over 100 countries that directly disrupted the powerful taxi industry. The market size for Uber is enormous, since it is literally any area where passenger ride services are needed, and there is an...

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The Corporation That Changed the World

“The Corporation That Changed the World” by Nick Robins aims to provide a history of the East India Company – one of the most important multi-national corporations in the world. Despite the fact that the East India Company was founded in 1600, it has many of the hallmarks of a...

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Corporate Sociopaths in Modern Society

Too many of our corporate and political leaders are sociopaths; having people like this in positions of power is deleterious to our society and world. Many corporate leader sociopaths are individuals that control large corporations with vast wealth and holdings. Many care only about expanding appetites of money and power,...

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An Automated Inventory Management System for Brilliant Enterprises Co Ltd

Equipment required for the deployment The necessary equipment required so as to make the inventory system efficient and complete include: A computer which will act as the server and as the POS and inventory management system. A bar code scanner to scan serialized items in the store. A printer (It...

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