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Corruption in China

The issue of corruption in China is quite controversial. The fact that the instances of corruption are increasing regardless of taking decisive measures to combat it is the rationale for believing so. For instance, in the first half of 2017, 210 thousand officials were punished for corruption. Among them, 38...

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CMRJ Corruption Article Review

The 2015 article under review for this paper, “How state officials enabled the Skaw-skank’ prison escape,” written by Patrick Dunleavy for the New York Post, discusses the corruption at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York that made the planned escape of two convicted killers, Richard Matt and David...

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Hamlet and Deception

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the protagonist, Hamlet, encounters deception and corruption throughout the action. In this corruption and deception, Hamlet works to create his identity and struggles to find himself. Hamlet struggles to find his purpose as he encounters the corruption of the characters around him. This...

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Augustine On Corruption

St. Augustine is referencing the soul and the choices that condemn humanity to the realm of sinners that must repent from having fulfilled sexual desires out of wedlock. Corruption is that of the soul, corruption of the soul from having committed immoral misdeeds that are considered sins. Corruption meant by...

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Enron Case Study

Section 1: Introduction and Situational Analysis The Enron scandal, which erupted in 2001, was created by a complex blend of unethical business practices. First, executives at the Enron Company took advantage of the then-unregulated public utilities market, and began to sell commodities such as natural gas and electricity at market...

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Police Corruption

Introduction Over the years, theories have been introduced to explain police corruption. The three explanations that banks offer for police corruption are personalistic, institutional or systematic. All these elements can be used to explain different situations depending on the approach taken. The explanation that I agree with the most is...

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The Watergate Scandal

As seen in the National Geographic video, the Watergate scandal involved a burglary and following cover-up that eventually forced President Nixon to resign. The scandal was the first time a President had ever resigned from the office, and shows how corruption can exist at even the highest levels of government....

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Analysis of Corruption in the 21st Century Business World

Corruption is an opportunistic crime in the sense that it involves people not adhering to general business ethics and instead, choosing other, more unethical pathways to gaining an advantage such as the receipt of money for more services provided or an advantage to someone who doesn’t generally deserve it (Transparency...

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Oil Extraction and Conflict in the Niger Delta Region: An Offshoot of Corruption and Mismanagement

AbstractThere has been a failure of governance at the root of the corruption and chaos of the Niger Delta resource extraction industry, as the permission to develop did not have at its roots the approval of the rightful owners and governors- the local people. Through research with regard to the...

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There Is A Huge New Corporate Corruption Scandal

I agree that it is not a surprise that the Arab Spring began with a devastating story of a Tunisian man known as Mohamed Bouazizi who decided to light himself up with an underlying reason of being tired with corruption activities amongst the police in the country. In addition to...

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Globalization and Corruption in Europe and Russia

The Corruptions Perception Index produced by Transparency International is a compelling example of how the concept of corruption can be used in a globalization context so as to justify a particular vision of globalization: namely, the Western neoliberal capitalist model. The top twenty countries in the CPI are generally all...

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Corruption in the Dutch Indies

European colonizers should be viewed as malicious in the broad view provided by history, but it may be a case of a malicious system rather malicious individuals. Many Dutch workers who participated never saw the impacts of their business. The chiefs have some responsibility as well, as the people trusted...

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Corruption at Siemens

Siemens took part in numerous scandals on an international level. These took places in countries like Italy and Saudi Arabia. They were also involved in corrupt politicians in the countries of Libya, Nigeria, and Russia. Siemens was able to conduct these practices because of the nature of their industry as...

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