My current career status is a student right now and seeing as school takes up most of my time I do not have time to work too. I enjoy school, and I enjoy the program that I am in, and I am ready to finish my education and get a job in my chosen field.
The results of my assessment said that I would be a good fit in the profession of a chef or a designer. I like to create things which is why I have chosen the program of study that I am in currently. I have thought about being a chef but, chose to go with being a civil engineer because I like to build things and work with my hands.

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My values are that I am dedicated to hard work in my studies and my future profession. I believe that working hard will help me not only to further myself in my education but also in my chosen profession. I enjoy working with other people to get a project done so I would also say that when it comes to working together, I am a very cooperative person. I share my ideas and listen to others ideas as well. It is through cooperation that we can get more done and come up with better ideas.

I have many skills that I bring not only to school but also to my future profession as well. I have great critical thinking skills to help solve problems both at school and on the job. I enjoy solving problems the harder the problem, the more I enjoy it. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I solve a hard problem. I am excellent at managing my time and finishing things promptly. I also enjoy learning and believe that once I finish my degree, I will continue to learn new things and use them in my daily life as well. I am a very motivated person in that I look at tasks be they big or small and work to complete them. I am not one who procrastinates if I have a job with a deadline I make sure that I have it completed in time and try to complete it with time left over so that I am not rushing at the end.

I find that when making decisions, you must first identify the problem before you can take the necessary steps to solve it. After you have identified the problem, you must work on collecting information about it and then analyze your situation. These steps bring you closer to solving the problem, and you have a general idea of what you are going to need to do to solve it. After you have done this, you need to develop some options to use for solving the problem. The reason for this is that you have multiple avenues to choose from when looking for a solution. With more options you can find out what works and what doesn’t. Once you have these options, you then look at each one closely to determine which one is the best fit for the problem and you as well. Select the best option for the problem and then to proceed to implement it. Once the solution is in place, see if it works and if not go back to another possible answer.

I learned a lot about myself in the assessments, and I agree that I am better suited for employment in the area that I have chosen because I do like to create things and I have leadership skills as well. I think that I have chosen wisely in my career choice, and the assessments made me surer of the path that I have chosen to follow. I am excited to get started in the field of study that I have chosen, and I think that it will be a perfect fit for me.

My short-term goals are to finish school first of all because I believe that I must finish what I start. Now that I have chosen a career path I am even more driven to get started on my education so that I can graduate and find a job. Having a concrete goal that I am working toward and seeing the result is motivating me to work even harder to finish and get started in my career.

For my long-term goals, I see myself as being the President of the United States one day. I feel that I have skills that would make me a great person for the job and that I could do some good in helping to solve the problems that this nation is currently facing. I know that my goal is one that is a hard one to achieve but, I think that I am more than capable of working toward it and achieving it if I out my mind to it and work hard. I see goals as something physical at the end of a long journey, and I enjoy the time spent getting there as well as the result. Being motivated to follow my goals no matter how high they may be is a large part of who I am as a person, and it is has helped me get to where I am today.

I feel strongly that I have chosen the right career path and goals for me, and I think that my choice in major is also right for me. I think that the assessments have given me a clear vision of what my future is going to hold, and I believe that my skills will help me to achieve the goals that I have both in school and in my future career. These assessments are a great tool for helping students to figure out more about themselves and what skills they have and what majors or minors are a good fit for them. I know that I feel more secure in knowing that I have found an area of study that fits me, and I am on my way to a great career.