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US and Asia: The Greatest Challenge

There is no doubt that the relations between the United States and Asia are complicated and controversial. Literally, there are two worlds, which are completely different in their culture, social structure, economy and political systems. Moreover, the recent history created an additional tension between these parts of the world. In...

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The Sovereign State of Iran

With a history of balancing pro-Western and anti-Western regimes, Iran is a country facing major internal and external threats (Axworthy, 2016). The country’s political history is riddled with revolutions and overthrows. Nonetheless, Iran still produces a wealth of scholars, maintains a relatively impressive economy, and continues to be a major...

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The Iran-Iraq War and the CBRN

The 1925 Geneva Protocol, an international treaty, specifically disallowed the use of chemical and biological weapons in warfare. While there were other instances of violations of the treaty, by far the most high-profile is the case of the Iran-Iraq War, which lasted from 1980-1988. Partly because of the international reaction...

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Iran And Saudi Arabia

The world has been witnessing the struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia from years now. This struggle continuously changes its reason, like sometimes it is claimed that it is due to religion divided in to Sunni-Shi’i sectarian conflicts and sometimes it seems that power is the culprit of such a...

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Between Iraq, Iran, Syria and a Hard Place

Over the last two decades, the world has experienced a myriad of challenges regarding peace and stability. In most cases, the situation embraces overthrowing of regimes such as in the case of Libya, Iraq and more recent in Syria. A majority of the governments have not been changed for years...

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Why Some Countries Will Not Legalize Using Marijuana

Introduction The world we live today is full of drug culture. Swift stated that “the society we live in has already accepted smoking of cigarette and consumption of alcohol” (342). The same case is happening to smoking of marijuana. Marijuana is cannabis and has positive and also negative impacts to...

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Post Colonial Cinema in India

National films cultures are determined by the common history of the people. They are determined by a common religion, and traditions of art and literature that have evolved over time (Nochimson, p. 14). Until the British arrived in the late 18th and early 19th century, national culture in India enjoyed...

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Mongolia: My Musical Experience

Mongolia has a rich and unique culture that makes it a popular travel destination and topic of study. In particular, Mongolia is noted for their music, in that their songs and the instruments that they are played on are fascinating. As a person of Mongolian heritage, I have had first...

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