How commercialism affected country music Commercialism in the music industry refers to the rise of the digital platform that disperses new music content globally in an instant. In return, the digital platform allows for easy marketing of the new content, hence, providing a financial benefit to the artists and all the stakeholders including the production team. Together with blogging and social media platforms, the new media technology promotes the new music to a target group not reached by traditional media. Unfortunately, country music is associated with backward culture including the genre’s twangy sound, values, and its rigidity. Therefore, the modern music industry often segregates country music because of its unfamiliarity with music listeners who argue that it is outdated. The music markets also avoid the genre because of its low marketing potential. These situations have led to the struggle concerning the substantial growth of country music in the current industry. Therefore, commercialization has negatively affected contemporary country music with music promoters complaining of its low marketing potential.
Brother and sister acts
Brother and sister acts were essential for country music in the 1930s considered as a tough period by Americans. The brother and sister acts had much influence on the fans with their instruments. During this period, the duos mostly accompanied themselves with a mandolin and two guitars as the only instruments. The groups such as Dixon Brothers and Monroe Brothers had more influence in the genre by harmonizing voices together and using instruments to produce unique sounds themselves. The duets were favorite among the fans because of their abilities to incorporate yodel into the duet sound. Aside from their sounds and use of instruments, the sibling groups like Blue Sky Boys contributed to the gospel music industry by playing hymnal songs treasured by the fans. The duets were popular in the 1930s because of their uniqueness, that is, they needed more than one person to make the music better. Therefore, brother and sister acts also promoted teamwork in the society.

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