In court during the proceedings, cross and direct examination of the prosecution’s witness is done. The witness testifies of on how the defendant was arrested, the reason for the arrest and why the defendant has been presented before the court for trial. The witness also exposes the defendant’s last statement regarding the offenses that have produced the defendant in court for trial. The motion of defense counsel is also observed trying to search for a dismissal of the trial. There is also a judge to judge discussion with the attorneys as well as the prosecutor deciding on how the jury will be handled before it is being deliberated. From the hearing, it was clear that all cases whether misdemeanor or felony are all given a chance to be heard in court. It does not matter what type of criminal offense was committed the reason why the court is where justice is being determined on any criminal offense.

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The courtroom environment people think is a large hall, but in this case, turns to be a small room which is less impressive. Not all people are allowed to enter the room due to few sitting spaces, therefore, the individuals who come earlier find themselves a good space for sitting. The defendant’s family members are allowed to sit on one side whereas the prosecution members are recommended to sit on the other side. The prosecutor carries a large file which is full of written physical evidence. Other evidence is also carried either in plastic bags or even paper bags. The evidence is normally put on a limited place which is set aside for evidence only.

The judge in the court appears to guide on how things in the courtroom are being controlled and always keeps the proceedings effectively moving as it is required. The Judge’s speech in court is normally distinct and clearly so as for everyone who is in the courtroom to find it easy to hear and understand. However, some impetuousness is displayed in some of the judge’s comments to ensure time is being considered as a factor. Also when the defense attorney fumbles, the judge shows out facial expressions during the examination to clearly show how he feels about the proceedings. The frustrations can always be understood even though it is inappropriate for a judge to display emotions of such kind while at the jury.

The prosecutor is brusque and confident and delivers the defense attorney with an immense contrast. Sometimes the prosecutor tends to behave with a sense of rudeness but it is understood in court that the prosecutor should not be lenient. During the trial, the prosecutor did not take long pauses or shuffle the papers at hand when questioned. Most of the time the prosecutor spoke, seemed to answer from the mind and asked questions in return that is concise, precise and direct. The prosecutor looks professional in this case and is decently dressed. Though the way the prosecutor appears does not destruct the performance on the court process.

The way the court process is conducted can impress the observer in a recommended way. The defense attorney, in this case, looks disorganized and in most case was very unsure of the answers presented before the court. The defense attorney spends quite a lot of time both to answer questions and also shuffling the papers at hand to provide answers to an asked question. The defense attorney appears as a distraction and even the appearance that the defense attorney has does not look so comfortable. This qualified the defense attorney not to be professional in the way the case on defense side was handled. It was noted that during the cross-examination of the case before the trial, the investigator police respected the defense attorney so much. But the respect tends to be odd since the defense attorney is not organized. At some point a helper to the defense attorney is noted sited beside the defense attorney but only whispers to the defense attorney a. this tends to be an inappropriate behavior which is also odd for an attorney to have while in a courtroom.

The jury consisted of a balanced gender participant. Most people who participate in the Jury are old age maybe they have experience. The people in the jury are interested in the case, therefore, they look attentive. Though some of them sometimes fall asleep during the hearing. It might be because of the long hearing hours and their age cannot allow them to be always active. But they generally look attentive to the case. When the investigator finished testifying, the jury is relieved from the courtroom. They brainstorm where they discuss and talk loudly at their own pleasure as they laugh. This tends to be comforting and interesting as well. Though the jury, in this case, is makes the best solution out of the difficult case situation that they were hearing from key witnesses.

In the court process, a court bailiff is helpful. The bailiff describes the nature of the case and provides copies of the case, charges, and the defense attorneys to the audience hearing the case. Sometimes the evidence provided seems to be so confusing that it is hard for one to follow and understand and the prosecutor is noticed to assume and proceed with the hearing. It was discovered that the defendant had confessed on the criminal acts to the police but later decided to face trial in court. There were little winning chances because even the defense attorney never offered a plea bargain that was reasonable.