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Jury Nullification

According to Siegel (2013) “jury nullification refers to a jury’s refusal to render a verdict according to the law and facts regardless of the evidence presented” (p. 476). Cornell University Law School (2014) further concurs in noting that jury nullification often occurs when jury members are trying to make a...

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Supreme Court Case – Mapp v. Ohio

Mapp v. Ohio is a case reversed during appeal based on the enforcement of the exclusionary rule in state government. The exclusionary rule applies to the Fourth Amendment in regard to unreasonable search and seizure. It makes evidence seized illegally inadmissible in court. While the exclusionary rule sets some criminals...

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Birchfield v. North Dakota and the Fourth Amendment

The Supreme Court heard the oral argument on April 20 and issued a decision on June 23, 2016 in the case of Birchfield v. North Dakota involving in a single opinion under “Birchfield” as a collective name three separate cases in a single ruling:    Birchfield v. North Dakota, Bernard...

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Chief Justice John Roberts

Chief Justice John Roberts is a 63-year-old white male with Irish ancestry. George Bush nominated him to the Supreme Court in 2005 (Kubicek 23). Roberts studied at Harvard law school and later went to private practice. Roberts took a pay cut from 1 million to about 200, 000 dollars a...

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Psych in the Courtroom

It’s pretty obvious how that the rule of law is one of the main things in which society depends on to keep order. Part of the rule of law is the courtrooms, which work to uphold the law within our institutions. Throughout history, there have been many courtroom blunders, and...

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