I am applying for the position of Sales Manager to further enhance my professional experience and do my utmost to make the American Airlines Cargo more profitable. I am pursuing the position that would enable me to apply my best organizational skills to advance customer satisfaction. As requested, I enclose my CV, a completed job application, three references and relevant certification.

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As an efficient multi-task performer, I have so far gained tremendous experience of serving customers. Fluency in English and Spanish enables me to effectively serve international customers and efficiently respond to their urgent needs. In particular, I have coped with customer requests regarding missing shipments and parcels, arranged all the follow-up documentation, and contacted customers to meet all their concerns. The documentation of individual cases imposed personal accountability for the assurance of customer service quality.

Since January 2017 I have worked for the American Airlines Cargo, Miami International Airport (Miami FL). I have coordinated CBP/MDAD, handled all Overtime, managed operational documentation, and dealt with staff requests. From August 2015 to January 2017, I served Eulen America, Miami International Airport (Miami, FL) as an Administrative Coordinator. In this capacity, I coordinated staff schedules, managed employee records, prepared financial monetary deposit, and reviewed all Priority Parcel Service air waybills and TSA screening forms for accuracy and compliance with airport and airline regulations. From July 2014 to October 2015, I worked for the same company as Trace Agent for Breakdown in Cargo.

Given these professional skills and the acquired customer service experience, I consider myself as a strong candidate for the announced vacancy of Sales Manager at the American Airlines Cargo. I take this application as a splendid opportunity to continue my professional development and career growth in the airline domain.

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