In conducting a research design for testing the proposed new high fiber diet, I will conduct tests on a number of different families suffering from different effects of cardiovascular disease. They would then be divided and used as test subjects. The effects of the new high fiber diet would be analyzed on the different families, each representing a different adverse effect of cardiovascular disease. For example, families or individuals suffering from high cholesterol would be grouped together as well as those suffering from high blood pressure and so on (WHF, 2015). Throughout a 6 month period, the high fiber diet would be tested on each family or individual division. At the end of each fortnight period, the health of each test subject would be analyzed in order to determine which symptom of cardiovascular disease is most responsive to the new high fiber diet. Different variables can also be added to the research design to ensure that it is fair and highly accurate on each test subject. Such variables as the location of the families and the progression of their symptoms needs to be considered whilst administering the high fiber diet. With respect to location, all families or individuals taking part in the research design will need to be in the same location and experience the same conditions and requirements. That is, they will need to maintain similar diets, the same levels of physical activity and adhere to all medical requirements as prescribed by their respective healthcare professionals (WHF, 2015).
Other variables that need to be considered include the age and ethnicity of participants as well as their cultures and backgrounds. These variables need to be extensively controlled and managed as they can have an impact on the ability of the high fiber diet to assist these patients in managing their respective cardiovascular conditions (WHF, 2015). Major threats to the internal validity of the design include non-compliance by the individuals and families participating in the research project as well as management of variables. The research designer needs to ensure that each participant is able to manage their requirements with respect to the research design.

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