My project is dedicated to the problem of drug distribution with the emphasis being put on drug mules. Within this project, I am going to suggest how to stop these people. I also want to develop some practices that will help people avoid the trap of being recruited by a drug dealer.
First, I will provide information about drug mules, where we can meet them and what their purpose is. The audience will be shown pictures of men delivering drugs. Here, the art (photos) will be used to establish the first contact with the reader. The audience will be puzzled by the question which signs show that these people are drug mules. This part of the project will also include information about the most notorious drug mules, the youngest and the oldest ones, and also the most shocking facts about their roles in the drug delivery. It will be a discussion which will engage the customer by asking many questions. Shocking terrifying facts usually draw the readers` attention. Statistical data here should also be used to raise the audience` suspiciousness.

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Second, I am going to inform the audience that connecting or even standing near the drug mule jeopardize innocent lives. Many drug mules are easy to detect but are very difficult to catch. In an attempt to catch this criminal, law enforcement representatives may unintentionally injure other people. So, it is crucial for the global community to know how these people behave so to avoid the potential risks. Drug mules are known to spread globally, making this issue significant to the global community. Every person all over the world should know who drug mules are, what they serve and how they may endanger the lives of others. Raising public`s awareness will ensure that everyone feels safer and secure. This is how my project will address the issue of global significance. Here, the stories about the police officers` attempt to catch the drug mule in the airport should be reminded. The emphasis will be put on the innocent people that died or were terrified during this operation.

Third, I will dedicate a part of my project to help people avoid the trap of being recruited by drug dealers. Although it may sound ridiculous, but all of us have heard so many stories about women being in love with “bad guys” and serving as drug mules for them. Such cases are commonplace. So, people must know how to resist psychological impact and avoid such situations. Despite many tips, case studies, and frustrating stories, here the audience needs art and symbols to have an impact on their minds and consciousness. The pictures should depict dreadful pictures of drug mules trying to transport their delivery. This part of the essay will offer many real stories describing lives of drug mules, the tension they experience, and risks they face. This will stress the emptiness and horror of drug mules` lives, their miserable role, and sufferings. All the money in the world would never compensate it.

The purpose of symbols and pictures within the project is to make information easier to remember. We, authors, are supposed to sound shockingly impressive. Imagine this information not being supported with visual art. Does it sound or look captivating? Probably not. Would you, reader, like to read the useful article, which seems endless and lifeless? Probably not. So, we will intentionally leave some terrifying pictures and symbols to make the readers realize how significant and serious this problem is.

The whole project will stress the significance of the issue to the global community and rely on the pictures and symbols to sound catchy and persuasive. Drug mules can be stopped if we raise the community`s awareness of this problem, thus preventing many innocent individuals from being recruited.