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Criminal procedure

The State of Arizona vs. Jodi Arias Case

The video entitled “Murder in the First Degree inside the Arias Trial HD Commercial Free” provides shocking details in the Jodi Arias case. Five years since she killed her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Alexander, and after four months of trials and testimonies, the verdict was “guilty of first-degree murder.” Therefore, after watching...

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Criminal Case Opinion: People V. Pendleton

Clarence Spann, Raymond Pendleton, Lawrence Samuels, Darryl Turner and Charles Brownlow who were defendants in the case People versus Pendleton were indicted on rape charges. After presentation of evidence the first time, alleged prosecutorial misconduct resulted in declaration of a mistrial. After a second bench, a ruling was made which...

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Court Observation Paper

In court during the proceedings, cross and direct examination of the prosecution’s witness is done. The witness testifies of on how the defendant was arrested, the reason for the arrest and why the defendant has been presented before the court for trial. The witness also exposes the defendant’s last statement...

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Common Law Defenses

There are many ways that a person can seek to defend himself when he is charged with a crime. Some of those defenses are known as common law defenses because they arise not from a specific statute, but rather, from many years of law that has been passed down in...

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Explaining the Grand Jury Process to Dr. Kimball

The grand jury proceedings are very much unlike actual criminal trials, as their sole purpose is only to establish if there exists any probable cause that a defendant has committed a crime (Chittal, 2014). Grand juries have no power to establish guilt or accomplish anything beyond securing an indictment that...

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Comparison and Contrast: The Schiavo Case

This is a comparison and contrast between Analysis #1 and Analysis #2 of the Terry Schiavo case. The paper will highlight the differences between the two, and discuss any changes that came about in my initial analysis of the Schiavo case as a result of reading both analyses. The issue...

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Criminal Evidence

From the context of law, evidence is any facts or pieces of information that are produced in a court to support a legal proceeding. Based on the extent to which a case is supported by evidence, it may be termed as being weak or strong. While arguing any case, it...

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Statistics in Criminal Justice

With the inordinate amount of data available, and countless numbers of statistical models for use in analyzing this data, it might seem logical to assume the ability to predict performance in a wide variety of disciplines including financial markets, law enforcement, and nature. However, because of the inherent inability to...

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Offender Reentry – Senate Bill 618

In January of 2006, the Senate Bill 618 was passed in the state of California, initiated by the San Diego District Attorney’s office. Before this time, offenders in California were posing many difficulties to society both economically and in regards to safety. In the 90s, there was an increase in...

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Fingerprints both Dermal and Epidermal

The term ‘dermal’ refers roughly to the surface of the skin. ‘Epidermal’, by contrast, refers to protrusions above the surface of the skin. Thus growth of a mustache or beard is sometimes called ‘epidermal’ growth. One can think of the dermis as the ‘inner’ layer of skin, and the epidermis...

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Scientific Method and Fingerprint Analysis

In criminal justice, one refers to fingerprint analysis when it comes to the collection of patent and latent prints of an individual. Namely, fingerprint analysis and selection shall be distinguished between the two above-mentioned types. While referring to a collection of patent prints, the scientific method applies to photographing prints...

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Criminal Investigation Paper

1. The investigative process of a homicide is quite involved. Given the seriousness of the crime, the complexity of the criminal trial to follow, and the need of society to find the person who committed the crime, police investigators are put in the difficult position of having to be quite...

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Research Question & Keyword Analysis

For the purposes of this paper, I would like to center my research question around the topic of criminal justice courts and their relationship to young offenders. As such, the following research question will guide my studies: Which criminal court helps decrease the recidivism rate of juveniles and why? In...

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Presentation of Digital Evidence

In a forensic report, one of the most critical parts is data acquisition it is through this process that the determination of the outcome of the case. One must be able to identify the sources of data that they will include in the report. In this section, the investigator is...

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Acquiring & Preserving Digital Evidence

OverviewCarrying out digital forensics is critical in acquiring evidence in a case where digital devices such as a computers or mobile phones are found involved in the case. The target of a digital forensics is to derive useful data that may be useful in developing the evidence for the case....

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Forensic Data Collection

Chain of custodyDigital evidence can impact legal proceedings. Because of this, law enforcement must be trained to maintain a well-defined and correctly documented chain of custody as it would for any kind of physical evidence. From the time evidence is obtained, documentation must include the time, person’s name, and purpose...

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Explain Proper Digital Evidence Collection

Within the workplace, there is a certain amount of trust between employers and employees, part of this trust is that employees will use the provided work resources for work purposes. When it comes to suspicions of employees using work resources for personal purposes, such as running their own business, it...

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Analysis of Digital Evidence in Criminology

Filtering of evidence helps to remove unnecessary junk information and retain useful data that is helpful in forensic digital investigations (Laykin, 2013). It also helps to save time and resources. In some cases, forensic investigators come across huge volumes of data including details that can be referred to as junk...

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Analysis of Digital Evidence

In the recent years, the world has experienced the greatest growth in technology in history. As the nation is experiencing the increased use of mobile devices and other interconnected devices, the use of computers has become not only the center of incidents but also playing major roles in the investigation...

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Criminal Justice of Data Collection Systems

In the book titled Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping penned by Rachel Boba Santos, three different types of data analysis are outlined: the computer-aided dispatch system (CAD), the records management system (RMS) and the geographic data system (GDS). Of the three, I have found that the first, the computer-aided dispatch...

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