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Criminal procedure

The State of Arizona vs. Jodi Arias Case

The video entitled “Murder in the First Degree inside the Arias Trial HD Commercial Free” provides shocking details in the Jodi Arias case. Five years since she killed her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Alexander, and after four months of trials and testimonies, the verdict was “guilty of first-degree murder.” Therefore, after watching...

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Criminal Case Opinion: People V. Pendleton

Clarence Spann, Raymond Pendleton, Lawrence Samuels, Darryl Turner and Charles Brownlow who were defendants in the case People versus Pendleton were indicted on rape charges. After presentation of evidence the first time, alleged prosecutorial misconduct resulted in declaration of a mistrial. After a second bench, a ruling was made which...

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Court Observation Paper

In court during the proceedings, cross and direct examination of the prosecution’s witness is done. The witness testifies of on how the defendant was arrested, the reason for the arrest and why the defendant has been presented before the court for trial. The witness also exposes the defendant’s last statement...

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Common Law Defenses

There are many ways that a person can seek to defend himself when he is charged with a crime. Some of those defenses are known as common law defenses because they arise not from a specific statute, but rather, from many years of law that has been passed down in...

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Explaining the Grand Jury Process to Dr. Kimball

The grand jury proceedings are very much unlike actual criminal trials, as their sole purpose is only to establish if there exists any probable cause that a defendant has committed a crime (Chittal, 2014). Grand juries have no power to establish guilt or accomplish anything beyond securing an indictment that...

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