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Criminal procedure

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Abstract As an introduction to criminal justice, look to the root of the subject: crime. There are five general categories of crime, each at their own level of severity. However, there are eight general characteristics of a crime. Also, the essence of crime is related through the three conjoined elements...

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Rehabilitation versus Punishment in the Criminal Justice System

The fundamental purpose of the criminal justice system is to reduce crime by secluding those who break the law and correcting them. The idea is to reform them before allowing them to integrate back into society once again where they would ideally become model citizens. However, it is the way...

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Elements Of Criminal Liability

Scenario One The basis of your response is based on is Brian the proximate cause of Joe’s death?  Why or why not? According to this case, Brian is not the proximate cause of Joe’s death. During their walk, Brian accidentally pushed Joe over the ravine. He did not have the...

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Literature Review Research Topic in The Field of Criminal Justice

Lacey and Pickard (2015) analyze the effectiveness of punishment in criminal justice and assess whether it is relevant in the justice setting. The paper assesses the relevance of punishment because of crime committed. The paper assesses the effect of crime and realizes that the system looks at punishment as a...

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Community Gardens

The prison garden project developed by Catherine Sneed as a horticulture program intended to offer the prisoners opportunities to do more meaningful work and through it transform them creates an ambiguous relationship between people and plants. This was out of her empathy for the poor and disenfranchised prisoners whom she...

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Forensic Tools

Digital forensics tools have helped revolutionize the idea of investigative forensics and have made investigatorsÆ jobs much easier when it comes to uncovering evidence and analyzing it. Technologies like alternative light photography and high-speech ballistics photography are able to analyze a piece of physical evidence such as skin or bullet...

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Crime Scene Forensics in Saudi Arabia

AbstractForensic medicine as a practice in Saudi Arabia cannot be judged by what we see on American television. It is unique in the world pertaining to medicolegal death investigations. As with many practices in the Arab world, it is conducted by tradition and law under rules set forth by Islam...

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Crime Scene and Evidence

A forensic investigator must take many steps to collect evidence that is admissible in court. The first step in crime scene investigation is to assess the scene dimensions and pinpoint health and safety hazards. The forensic investigator needs to figure out where the crime probably occurred, i.e. living room. Points...

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Criminal Psychology

Arson involves the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to people’s property causing damage for individual gain or reasons inclined to terrorism. However, arson the most costly crime as its result is devastating. New Hampshire State is one of the most dangerous states due to numerous criminal activities. Arson is...

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Criminal vs. Civil Law as it Pertains to Medicine

AbstractThe average person has more familiarity with the procedures of criminal law than with those of civil law, as highly publicized criminal cases are what are most commonly encountered. As such, it is important to have an understanding of the major differences between the two and not confuse one with...

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