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Criminal procedure

Comparison and Contrast: The Schiavo Case

This is a comparison and contrast between Analysis #1 and Analysis #2 of the Terry Schiavo case. The paper will highlight the differences between the two, and discuss any changes that came about in my initial analysis of the Schiavo case as a result of reading both analyses. The issue...

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Criminal Evidence

From the context of law, evidence is any facts or pieces of information that are produced in a court to support a legal proceeding. Based on the extent to which a case is supported by evidence, it may be termed as being weak or strong. While arguing any case, it...

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Statistics in Criminal Justice

With the inordinate amount of data available, and countless numbers of statistical models for use in analyzing this data, it might seem logical to assume the ability to predict performance in a wide variety of disciplines including financial markets, law enforcement, and nature. However, because of the inherent inability to...

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Offender Reentry – Senate Bill 618

In January of 2006, the Senate Bill 618 was passed in the state of California, initiated by the San Diego District Attorney’s office. Before this time, offenders in California were posing many difficulties to society both economically and in regards to safety. In the 90s, there was an increase in...

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Fingerprints both Dermal and Epidermal

The term ‘dermal’ refers roughly to the surface of the skin. ‘Epidermal’, by contrast, refers to protrusions above the surface of the skin. Thus growth of a mustache or beard is sometimes called ‘epidermal’ growth. One can think of the dermis as the ‘inner’ layer of skin, and the epidermis...

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