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Criminal procedure

Forensic Data Collection

Chain of custodyDigital evidence can impact legal proceedings. Because of this, law enforcement must be trained to maintain a well-defined and correctly documented chain of custody as it would for any kind of physical evidence. From the time evidence is obtained, documentation must include the time, person’s name, and purpose...

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Explain Proper Digital Evidence Collection

Within the workplace, there is a certain amount of trust between employers and employees, part of this trust is that employees will use the provided work resources for work purposes. When it comes to suspicions of employees using work resources for personal purposes, such as running their own business, it...

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Analysis of Digital Evidence in Criminology

Filtering of evidence helps to remove unnecessary junk information and retain useful data that is helpful in forensic digital investigations (Laykin, 2013). It also helps to save time and resources. In some cases, forensic investigators come across huge volumes of data including details that can be referred to as junk...

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Analysis of Digital Evidence

In the recent years, the world has experienced the greatest growth in technology in history. As the nation is experiencing the increased use of mobile devices and other interconnected devices, the use of computers has become not only the center of incidents but also playing major roles in the investigation...

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Criminal Justice of Data Collection Systems

In the book titled Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping penned by Rachel Boba Santos, three different types of data analysis are outlined: the computer-aided dispatch system (CAD), the records management system (RMS) and the geographic data system (GDS). Of the three, I have found that the first, the computer-aided dispatch...

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