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Criminal procedure

Sanctions for Juvenile Offenders

The movement to find alternatives to incarceration for juveniles began in the 1960’s and 1970’s. One significant event that raised awareness of the possible problems with juvenile detention was the 1967 Supreme Court decision In re Gault, in which the Supreme Court reviewed the case of a 15-year-old boy who...

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Legal Aspects of Probation and Parole in Criminal Justice

The legal mechanisms that are probation and parole are the alternative measures put in place as opposed to incarceration as provided in law. Probation is the period that a defendant has before they are imprisoned while parole is the time that bridges incarceration and the subsequent release from prison. However,...

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The U. S. Public Policy Process

For political decisions to be made in the United States, collaboration is required between members of diverse organizations. These groups include the President, members of Congress, his Cabinet members and advisers, judges, officials from political parties, representatives from the media, and leaders from special interest groups (, 2016). Public policy...

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Comparing & Contrasting Criminal Rehabilitation Efforts & Punitive Measures

The criminal justice system as we know it today has two widely recognized purposes: to secure justice via punishment and to rehabilitate offenders in order to eliminate their status as a threat to the rest of society. Unfortunately, the American criminal justice system has become known for widely neglecting the...

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Constitutional Criminal Procedure

In the real world, I believe that Dripps’ Contingent Exclusionary Rule would be very effective, as police departments often do not have the funding, or the desires, to continuously pay monetary damages and fines for procuring tainted evidence during investigations. In Dripps’ proposed Contingent Exclusionary Rule, the original exclusionary rule...

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