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At its core, biosocial criminology is a field that attempts to provide answers and justifications for why crimes take place. Not comfortable with the traditional methods used to explain crime, biosocial criminology seeks to explain crime by evaluating both biological factors and environmental factors. It might ask not only who...

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Theories of Crime

The explanation of causes of criminal behavior has always worried the minds of criminologists. There is a need to differentiate between proximate and distal causes of crime (Weatherburn, 2001). While proximate causes precede a crime, distal causes are more chronologically remote, but not less influential. Distal causes of crime are...

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Polygraph Testing

The purpose of this project is an analysis of the pros and cons of polygraph use in verification of the accuracy of a subject’s testimony or other statement. Polygraph testing does not have the ability to verify whether an individual is lying with 100 percent accuracy. Thus, it is questionable...

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Victims of Sex Offenders

The rights of the victims of sexual assaults, abuse, or rape have evolved dramatically in since the days of the hush-hush nature of sex crimes. In the past, female victims of sex abuse were blamed. Male victims of sex abuse rarely reported the crime. Victims of sex crimes haven’t always...

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Should All Sex Offenders Be Registered on the National Offender List?

Registration of all convicted sexual offenders on the national registry is necessary to provide the community with awareness and increased safeguards against sexual violence. What is this list? Per the United States Department of Justice website, in 2006 the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act created the national sex...

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