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Reading Response

The initial reaction towards “Writing for their lives” was quite astounding as it opened my eyes on how many challenges a student in high school may have to face even if there are no problems with literacy and with the process of writing per se. The introduction was a bit...

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Deconstruction of Scholarly Research

Deconstruction is a movement and theory of literal criticism that questions traditional assumptions about identity, truth, and uncertainty. The philosophical movement asserts that words can only refer to other words. Deconstruction attempts to demonstrate that statements about their meanings subvert their meaning. Deconstruction in the literature refers to the recognized...

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Response to Ceri

Just like the post sets it out, it is indeed right to acknowledge that when conducting critical reflections, there are indeed several characteristic risks and these include impostership, cultural suicide, lost innocence and incremental fluctuation. Where one risk takes place, the possibility of the others occurring is high. This is...

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Selecting a Diversity Training Company

Mark Charles Good, LLC. is exactly what one might imagine a diversity training organization to be. It covers non-profit organizations and government services (Mark). It promises not to be polarizing or accusatory, but instead fun and interactive (Mark). Of everything else on the website, this promise is the most suspicious....

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Critical Thinking Skills

More emphasis has been placed on critical thinking in the nursing profession in response to various changes being experienced in the health care environment. This is because critical thinking enables nurses to provide effective care to patients, while they cope with some of the expansion roles that are linked to...

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Annunciation Critical Analysis

Italian renaissance visual characteristics mostly were symmetrically balanced, good sense of mass, with a linear perspective, its media was oil, tempera and fresco these arts have a subject matter of religious scenes and classical mythology. Northern Renaissance has attention to surface detail and naturalism; its media was oil on panel...

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Critical Response Essay on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a 1920 silent horror film directed by the German Robert Wiene. It is widely regarded as one of the most influential films of all time and, according to film theorists and art historians, a classical example of the school of German expressionism. From this...

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Locating and Critically Analyzing a Peer Reviewed Article

Introduction This paper is an analysis of a peer-reviewed article, which evaluates the use of online blogs in developing behaviour management approaches among students who aspire to be teachers. The analysis will be based on reports presented by the study. The strengths and weaknesses presented by the article will also...

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Critical Thinking

It can be alleged that the dissimilarity between deductive and inductive arguments is that the deductive arguments develop from the general to the particular while all inductive ones go from the particular to the general. In a deductive reasoning argument, thus, it is impossible for the premises to be said...

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Legalizing Marijuana Essay

Drugs are a growing problem in society and the effects on the economy and crime rate are everywhere. That fact is not up for debate as we are all aware of the negative side of drugs. With that said, drugs are considered to be chemical compounds used to alter a...

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Article Critique: Are Labels Good for Kids?

“Are Labels Good for Kids?” is an article that discusses whether or not it is more helpful or harmful for children receiving special education services to be labeled. The authors debate a variety of options available to parents who are in the position of arguing for services on behalf of...

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A Critical Analysis of a Peer-Reviewed Research Article

There were various challenges that were experienced while searching for the article. One of the problems was over abundance of information. The amount of information available on the article was a lot, and there was no central organization to help with identifying the required article. This led to confusion because...

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Critical Research Paper of the Novel Pride and Prejudice

Introduction The book is written just in the same line with the other books from Austen. The tonal variations are identifiable and the use of the literal tools is well pronounces and sound. The reading of the book deems more appealing to the ears and the author gets to notice...

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Critical review of “Developing Mathematics Literacy, Based on Elemental Software and Academic Tools Development”

Introduction This is an article written by Oscar H. Salinas, Martha E. Luna and Angela Estrada Arteaga. It basically describes the process of developing mathematical literacy by learning the basic concepts in Mathematics and applying concepts learnt in the development of essential software that can be used as an academic...

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Critical Analysis Of Church

The church played some big role during the medieval period. During this period, the church was considered as the center life and had influence and control over the people. The major role of the church during this time is that the church rules over the people in all aspects from...

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Modern Architecture History Critical Essay

The Arts & Crafts Movement began as a process of searching for aesthetic decoration and design and it was a premise for opposing the art styles that were created by machine-production. The movement associated art with craftsmanship and it emphasized that artwork should be done by individual persons and not...

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Macbeth – Fate and Free Will

Written by William Shakespeare in the 1600s, Macbeth remains one of the most popular, influential, and powerful creations of Shakespeare. It depicts the rise and fall of King Macbeth, and deepens in the motives of the actions of an individual, here - the main character Macbeth; as well as raising...

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“Serving the Nation: A Universal Call” – Critical Analysis

In “Serving the Nation: A Universal Call,” the author is attempting to argue that the US would benefit from a compulsory service element. By this, he means that the US should put in place a law that would require all people to serve in the military. This, the author argues,...

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Fahrenheit 451: Critical Essay

In his article “Fahrenheit 451* on Cell Block D: A Bar Examination to Safeguard America's Jailhouse Lawyers from the Post-Lewis Blaze Consuming Their Law Libraries,” Evan Seamone writes about a movement taking place in some of the most restricted areas of American life. The author writes about a movement taking...

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Religion And Philisophy

Introduction Both The Ethics of Belief by Clifford and The Will to Believe by William James illustrate the struggle for epistemological ethics. Is it ethical for one to believe something without sufficient evidence for it? Clifford would argue that it is not ever ethical to believe such a thing and...

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Critical Essays – Your Comprehensive Guide


It does not matter whether you are writing for a specific class or not, knowing how to draft a critical essay will benefit you. It will help you academically and in your professional career. 


Critical thinking essays can help you build critical-thinking skills. And of course, some of the skills required include technical analysis, research, attentive reading, and editing. When you become familiar with this set of skills, then you can start communicating and thinking more productively. 


So, if you are seeking to learn how to write a critical essay, read on carefully.


What Critical Essay Means


Let’s start with the definition. Of course, the first step is finding the answer to the question “what is a critical essay.” This definition is essential for a better understanding and appreciation of the process.


A critical essay entails subjective writing, trying to show the writer’s opinion regarding a particular problem or object. And the object in question can be a movie, article, book, or even an artwork. 


The analysis means splitting something into different parts, which is what the critical essay definition and process entails. And, these two steps include critical reading and writing. 


How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay


Writing critical essays is a common thing for college students. The process is quite simple but could be tricky. But if you know the steps to follow, you won’t have problems drafting one. 


Below is the critical essay structure and what each step entails:

    Critical Essay Writing Tips:    

Finding A Great Critical Analysis Essay Example


Going through relevant examples will cause you to understand the nitty-gritty of writing this type of essays. And, there are well-written examples you can access at MyPaperWriter. If you are struggling to write a top-notch essay, then consider the tips in this article and go through the examples therein.