Many people criticize Hancock movie for many reasons. Parents have discouraged their children from watching because of the language and substance abuse that is prevalent in the movie. Smith in the movie is drunk and parents get worried and prevent the children from watching. This is because they think that children may think of emulating him. The critics of the movie argue that he lacks social skills to demonstrate in his view, and there is nothing admirable. However, I feel that this is among the best movies in the contemporary society. To shed more light regarding how Hancock is good, this paper criticizes it from the positive perspective.

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It is vital to state that Hancock is the only contemporary superhero who does not use supervillains and oversized threats in the movie (Smith and Bateman par 2). In fact, the filmmaker utilizes his time fighting small-time felons who does not threaten him. The reason Smith does not use supervillains is because he wants to tell a simple, and comprehensible narration within the shortest time possible. The style he uses shows how bendable the contemporary mythology of superheroes is. Why is the article calling Hancock a superhero? In fact, he is held to be a god in the universe. Although many hate him because of his destructive behavior during the movie, his actions show that he is a protector of nature and focuses on helping the people in need. The damages he causes when fighting criminals should not be viewed from the negative perspective.

Another reason that Hancock should be called a good movie is the use of actors that shine throughout the movie. For example, Jason Bateman shines in the movie, despite the fact that he fails to convince the firms to sign on to his unreliable, weak charity project. In fact, the character adds humor to the movie by trying to rehabilitate Hancock’s image and motivates him to play nice (Smith and Bateman par 2). Although the presence of the white man as well as his attempt to civilize Hancock looks crazy, it produces some humor as one watches the movie. I like this guy acts and wonder why people dislike the movie. It is quite funny that Smith had to go to jail to learn issues concerning humility, and when he goes there, he does not differentiate between the police officers and other people. In this part, many people argue that the humorous movie part is outweighed by the dull Bateman’s feeling sad. However, this should be viewed as a way of transiting from one mood to another, but not a weakness in the movie.

If some of the ideas that make people hate Hancock are explored keenly, people would turn to love the movie. For example, the prevalent use of metaphors that make most people dislike him can change their attitude if their meanings are examined (Smith and Bateman par 3). Additionally, some people could hate him because he is regarded as a superpower, something that makes him a mythology. I do not think that these should form the basis of his hatred. Hancock demonstrates the virtues of love and friendship when he shows his relationship with Mary, although, there is no chemistry between them. As they continue acting the scene changes and probably this could be one of the reasons people hate it. The idea of a mortal when there are in each other’s presence is annoying to some people, but is meant to act as a climax in the movie. Hancock might have thought carefully before composing his movie. He demonstrates all crazy things that he must have thought of before acting and displays all of them. This is shown where Bateman tries to work with him and improve his image. If the whole movie is about that, then, it would be excellent, and everybody would like to watch it.

Those who dislike him argue that the movie gets weaker every time and the action sequence becomes cheesier by the minutes. What they forget is that Hancock ensures that the story he narrates gets his job done as he expects. Until the second half of the film, there is a significant twist that delivers a new plot to the movie. This implies that it is a good movie Moreover, John is good. He is different from most of his roles he plays in the movie and when one watches he or she feels like they are meeting him, but with a varying personality. Evidently, even his emotions and expressions are different from the ones he had worked in his past characters. Bateman acts like the actor found in Wilson in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, whose performance is excellent (Smith and Bateman par 4). People argue that the movie lacks originality, but its effects are exceptional. The actor resembles a video game animation when he flies from a third person view in the sky, enhancing humor. Although, Hancock is a new movie, it is a romantic action comedy, which is characterized by good moments. If one watches the movie keenly, he or she might think that it is like those who wrote had loved the idea because they started in a strong tone and maintained it over the course of the full motion picture. The plot has been twisted to keep the audience in a guessing mode, and Hancock is laughable. It is vital to state that the good part of the movie can also be evident from the three stars. Will Smith and Charlize have excellent performance, although, this is normal to them. Smith’s appeal is adequate to make everyone happy, and many people, myself included like watching the movie. In the second part and at the beginning of the third, Theron does a recommendable job (Smith and Bateman par 4). It is imperative to state that Hancock weakness is seen where he uses only three characters in his film. However, he is the classic case of significant ideas and mediocre execution. His ideas are likely to be repeated over the years, despite the criticism. Actors might modify some of his concepts and produce a better film than his.

Notably, the movie addresses some of them issues, such as vices in the modern society, especially the ones the superhero would have if he or she existed. The movie’s concern is what would happen if a superhero was around in modern times. This implies that it has moral lessons in addition to entertaining people. Entertain is found where there are jokes between Smith and Bateman, and their effects make everyone enjoy watching the movie. Additionally, there is originality in the movie in handling some of the issues. There is more to learn from the movie regarding how people should relate, do good things, as well as desire to be accepted. The innovation found in the movie makes me enjoy watching it.

In conclusion, Hancock is a movie everyone should desire to watch because of its originality, funny moments, memorable scenes, and significant unique effects that are not common in other movies. The writer of the movie tosses a nice plot twist that works exceptionally. The visual effects of the movie are also good because they are typified by high energy. In fact, the film is refreshing, fun, and fast, and its writer has managed to combine comedy and action successfully, making it genuine.

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