Building a successful blog or website involves a lot of content importing and exporting. However, technological differences make such sharing of files difficult. In the process, amateurs are unable to build own websites while professionals take too much time on a task that would have taken a few minutes. To cure this problem, WordPress has developed CSV importer plugins that provide a seamless transfer platform.

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Installing CSV Importer Plugin in WordPress

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Importing and exporting is not only limited to the moment of building a website or blog. The truth is that as businesses grow, the desire to share content with other platforms and partners increases. In some cases, you have partners or associates using a different platform to host their website. Instead of uploading the information manually, the importers help you to seamlessly transfer the files to another platform.

Default Setting

The default setting for WordPress is to allow the import and export of sections during development or upgrade. However, the capability is not satisfactory and usually slows down the process of production. The alternative is to use third-party plugin. It cures a fault in the default setting which only allows the importation from categories, LiveJournal, tag converter, and blog, among other similar web tools.

Default settings for export are even more limiting. They only allow the exportation of XML files. Such limitations make it challenging to work with WordPress, especially integrate files and components from other platforms. Third-party plugin makes a difference for developers and web owners by enhancing import and export capability.

What Importers Do

Installation is as simple as dragging and dropping. As such, an understanding of what these plugins do will help you to make better decisions, and even utilize the features better.

So, what do importers do?

Importers are plugins that allow developers and managers to prepare pages, blogs, tags, and categories, among other files elsewhere, then upload them directly on WordPress. These files are prepared in the form of Zip files, XML, CSV, and text files, among others. With an importer, the developer can upload them directly onto WordPress, simplifying the process of development.

Features of WordPRess Ultimate CSV Importer

Having understood what an importer does, it helps to dig deep into the features you should expect from the plugin. The features explain the capability of the plugin and help you to pick the right importer for your WordPress website. Here are some of the features to expect from the plugin.

  • The plugin helps to import, update, schedule, as well as export your data. The processes are automatic. Consequently, your development process will be easier and faster.
  • The importer will help you to import data and files in bulk. The idea is to reduce development time, especially when working with the intensive WooCommerce plugin.
  • The CSV importer facilitates bulk importation of media files. The files are uploaded on to your media library. The files will be easier to access, simplifying your development process and at the same time availing the best media files during the development process.
  • The plugin supports custom taxonomy and custom data import. The idea is to import the customized files without losing the customization features. It is especially important when upgrading your website because you maintain the same user experience and do not have to code the pages from scratch.
  • CSV importer supports such external URLs like Dropbox and Google Sheet. These are features that enhance the usability and to provide the best user experience.
  • CSV importer supports multilingual and third-party plugins. This is a crucial feature especially when you want to expand your market reach.

CSV importer supports many other functions that simplify your web development process. You can easily delete the already uploaded pages. Newer CSV versions come with advanced features that are transform your WordPress development experience.

How to Install CSV Importer Plugin

  • Uzip “”.
  • Upload the file and install
  • Install the WP admin interface
  • Activate the Plugin through the icon provided

At the end of the process, the Wp Ultimate CSV Importer icon will appear on the admin board. The plugin is now ready for use in importing and exporting files during your development process. Check the supported file types even as you find new plugins to enable more importation.