The issue of polygamy is cultural practice in women that has attracted my intention in many years. Personally, I agree with the practice because of I find it to be advantageous in the sense that it reduces cases of seducement in young women. For example, if a man promises to marry a woman, he cannot give an excuse of having a family to get away from fulfilling his promises.
Additionally, polygamy empowers women to live without fear of losing their husbands and sources of income to other women. Besides that, I find the practice to be typically relevant because it plays a crucial role in solving society problems. In certain community set ups, it is a taboo for men to have sexual intercourse with women during their menstruation period. Thus, having more than one marriage partner is an immediate solution for addressing the challenge. Far from that, the practice of polygamy is important because it empowers women to marry handsome and attractive men in the society.

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Perhaps, unmarried women will not be forced to settle for men that are not appealing to them simply because they are the ones that are left. Additionally, polygamy marriage is a basic foundation of large families. Consequently, large families are better off in handling domestic tasks like working in farms because family members can cover larger workloads within a short period of time. Furthermore, women have been taking parts in jobs and other constructive activities like jobs over the recent years.

Therefore, polygamy is important because it empowers women to participate in such practices without worries of leaving their children and domestic tasks unattended. Perhaps, the other women and members of the family can assist them in their responsibilities when they are not available. Also, the concept of polygamy will mean that women can have both male and female friends in their lives thus enabling them to meet the various diversity needs in lives. In summary, despite the challenges that are associated with polygamy like divorce and spread of infectious diseases, I find it appropriate to encourage polygamy practice in the society.