1.Culture is the shared folkways, myths, and traditions that bind a people together. 2.Culture is a shared bank of mythic memory, common origin stories, personality traits and history that separates one group of people from the other and gives them a common purpose and ancestry. Because each culture has different norms and traditions, actions and ideas from one culture can be considered verboten in another. This is a cause of major friction between cultural groups and is potentially responsible for the concepts of racism, prejudice and xenophobia.3. Self and culture reinforce each other because they cannot be separated. A person’s identity is formed in part by the culture they are raised in; they are inculcated with its values and presuppositions. At the same time, a culture is nothing more than the sum of its people, so individuals can influence a culture through their personalities and preferences.
4. The mutual constitution is the idea that the self and the culture reinforce and feed upon each other and cannot become independent of the other. This impacts research studies because it requires that researchers separate what is cultural from what represents the self.
5. The TRIOS theory is a summation of the values and attitudes that define African and African-American culture: time, rhythm, improvisation, orality, and spirituality. It is relevant to research because researchers must take into account the values of African-Americans when studying them.
6. The core Native American cultural context is the experience of having their land forcibly taken from them by white invaders, land they are innately tied to.
7. The melting pot is a myth because while it purports that all immigrants and cultures should melt into one, in actuality it expects minorities to assimilate to white culture and completely abandon their own.
8. Latino depression is increasing due to separation from their homeland and native values and submersion in a foreign, white culture.

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