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The Fearless Girl Statue: Symbolism, Design, Meanings, and Interpretations

A 4-feet tall bronze statue titled The Fearless Girl was placed in the heart of the Financial District in Manhattan, New York City on March 7th, 2017, a day before International Woman’s Day. The statue of The Fearless Girl was placed in front of the iconic statue known as Bull...

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McDonaldization of Society Essay

The McDonaldization of society refers to the mass movement of society towards extreme rationalization. While it may seem that society is simply moving towards a fast food approach, what it actually indicates is that there is movement towards always examining issues from an ends/mean analysis. Rather than looking at issues...

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What’s So Odd About Odd Numbers?

It’s not secret that odd numbers tend to confuse people when doing basic or even advanced math. People tend to see these odd numbers as being, well…. “odd”. People tend to perceive these numbers as being weird or different, when in all actuality, they are as normal as even numbers....

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Culture as a Selective Force in Evolution

Natural selection is a powerful mechanism that has generated all of life’s diversity, including the human species. Yet natural selection is not the only selective force at work in the evolution of life, especially in human populations. Human culture has had a selective force in crafting the genotype and phenotype...

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The Wrath of Horner

James Horner’s contributions to the world of film scores cannot be underestimated. Well known for his scores for movies such as Aliens, Braveheart, Apollo 13, Jumanji, The Titanic, and many others, Horner’s work has long been popular amongst cinema lovers everywhere. While many may know the Star Trek movie franchise,...

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A Critical Response to Josie Appleton

In her article “The Cultural Contradictions of Consumerism”, author Josie Appleton examines both the dominant culture of consumption in contemporary Western, capitalist neoliberal culture and the attempts to critique this same culture. For the author, whereas the culture of consumption is fundamentally flawed, in so far as it emphasizes a...

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Cultural Analysis of Jesus Camp

In Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing’s 2006 American documentary Jesus Camp, the film makers chronicle a charismatic Christian summer camp. The Charismatic Christian movement is itself another offshoot of Protestantism and a uniquely modern American form of Christianity. Namely, the rituals of the canonical Christian Churches, such as the Orthodox...

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Concert Report

I attended a performance in the University of South Alabama that took place in the Laidlaw performing Arts centre Recital Hall on March sixth, two thousand and ten. It was Jazz Ensemble Fall concert that directed by Tracy Heaven. The band presented some selection to the many audiences attending the...

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Symbolism in Africa by Maya Angelou

Poetry is usually made interesting by deciphering the symbols used by the writer in bringing out abstract meanings. It is through certain choice words that the full meaning and inspiration of the poet’s background, nationality, and even personality traits. It is these attributes that make a reader associate with the...

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Isóti̱ta sits high above the clouds balanced on her throne that is held up by fairness, justice, and equality. Banned from her own family, Isóti̱ta because of her differences in appearance, beliefs, and choices, she depends heavily on mankind to maintain the elements that hold her to her throne. Should...

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A Spiritual Journey Through An Evil World

Introduction The struggle of every human who exists in this world is to find a spiritual base that provides a sanctity from the evil within and without as they embark on their spiritual journey. This is often found in religious philosophy. More importantly, when a person desires to remove self...

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Reflections On Durga Bari Visit

Houston Durga Bari is a temple that is dedicated to Maa Durga, who is the female god of power (DurgaBari org., 2016). In fact, it is the only temple in North America that is set aside to worshipping the goddess. What is clear is that the temple was built by...

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Cultural Practice Paper: Polygamy

The issue of polygamy is cultural practice in women that has attracted my intention in many years. Personally, I agree with the practice because of I find it to be advantageous in the sense that it reduces cases of seducement in young women. For example, if a man promises to...

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The Expansion of Global Corporations and the Associated Cultural Issues

Corporations are expanding and the increasing globalization of the world allows this important process to be increasingly easier. However, it is clear that the economic and social changes wrought by globalisation have not occurred equally or with the same speed, thus, companies have to adapt to a new situation in...

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The Value And Impact Of Public Libraries

The digital era has brought considerable challenges to the further evolution of public libraries as sources of information. At the same time, these challenges should not be treated as threats, but rather turned into opportunities of rethinking the function of libraries. Their place in a society should escape a conservative...

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Crozier Head in the Form of Saint Michael Trampling the Serpent

This work of art hails from the early Christian culture in the thirteenth century (Marzio 61). The artist who made it is not known due to the cultural circumstances surrounding the art. The art is a monument was to be carried by a Catholic religious leader: It was usually buried...

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The Coffee Culture Phenomenon

Coffee has become a fairly controversial subject as its view has changed in response to the time. In the article “Coffee Drinking: An Emerging Social Problem?” by Ronald J. Troyer and Gerald E. Markle, the concept of sociological trends of coffee are analyzed. In doing so, it exposes the issues...

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Romantic Theatre, Joanna Bailie, De Montfort

De Montfort is a romantic tragedy authored by playwright Joanna Bailie. On the surface, the narrative of Joanna Baillie’s De Montfort is carved out of what appears to be a deceptively simple plot. However, beneath the surface, it is evident that the plot is attached to various thematic elements. Baum...

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Roman Debate-Augustus in the Arts

Dear Senators and Tributes, I stand before you today to inform you how history has taught us about leaders. Most of us are aware of our leaders’ past and what they did to make our lives better and at times more miserable. Some regimes were characterized by a tyranny that...

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Approaches To Culture

Culture can be approached from a deep and broad perspective when it comes to its shared meaning, site of contestation, and as a resource. As a shared meaning, culture gets to be approached from the perspective of groups in their need to communicate at the deeper and superficial level. It...

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