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A Critical Response to Josie Appleton

In her article “The Cultural Contradictions of Consumerism”, author Josie Appleton examines both the dominant culture of consumption in contemporary Western, capitalist neoliberal culture and the attempts to critique this same culture. For the author, whereas the culture of consumption is fundamentally flawed, in so far as it emphasizes a...

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Cultural Analysis of Jesus Camp

In Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing’s 2006 American documentary Jesus Camp, the film makers chronicle a charismatic Christian summer camp. The Charismatic Christian movement is itself another offshoot of Protestantism and a uniquely modern American form of Christianity. Namely, the rituals of the canonical Christian Churches, such as the Orthodox...

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Concert Report

I attended a performance in the University of South Alabama that took place in the Laidlaw performing Arts centre Recital Hall on March sixth, two thousand and ten. It was Jazz Ensemble Fall concert that directed by Tracy Heaven. The band presented some selection to the many audiences attending the...

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Symbolism in Africa by Maya Angelou

Poetry is usually made interesting by deciphering the symbols used by the writer in bringing out abstract meanings. It is through certain choice words that the full meaning and inspiration of the poet’s background, nationality, and even personality traits. It is these attributes that make a reader associate with the...

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Isóti̱ta sits high above the clouds balanced on her throne that is held up by fairness, justice, and equality. Banned from her own family, Isóti̱ta because of her differences in appearance, beliefs, and choices, she depends heavily on mankind to maintain the elements that hold her to her throne. Should...

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