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A Spiritual Journey Through An Evil World

Introduction The struggle of every human who exists in this world is to find a spiritual base that provides a sanctity from the evil within and without as they embark on their spiritual journey. This is often found in religious philosophy. More importantly, when a person desires to remove self...

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Reflections On Durga Bari Visit

Houston Durga Bari is a temple that is dedicated to Maa Durga, who is the female god of power (DurgaBari org., 2016). In fact, it is the only temple in North America that is set aside to worshipping the goddess. What is clear is that the temple was built by...

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Cultural Practice Paper: Polygamy

The issue of polygamy is cultural practice in women that has attracted my intention in many years. Personally, I agree with the practice because of I find it to be advantageous in the sense that it reduces cases of seducement in young women. For example, if a man promises to...

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The Expansion of Global Corporations and the Associated Cultural Issues

Corporations are expanding and the increasing globalization of the world allows this important process to be increasingly easier. However, it is clear that the economic and social changes wrought by globalisation have not occurred equally or with the same speed, thus, companies have to adapt to a new situation in...

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The Value And Impact Of Public Libraries

The digital era has brought considerable challenges to the further evolution of public libraries as sources of information. At the same time, these challenges should not be treated as threats, but rather turned into opportunities of rethinking the function of libraries. Their place in a society should escape a conservative...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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