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Crozier Head in the Form of Saint Michael Trampling the Serpent

This work of art hails from the early Christian culture in the thirteenth century (Marzio 61). The artist who made it is not known due to the cultural circumstances surrounding the art. The art is a monument was to be carried by a Catholic religious leader: It was usually buried...

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The Coffee Culture Phenomenon

Coffee has become a fairly controversial subject as its view has changed in response to the time. In the article “Coffee Drinking: An Emerging Social Problem?” by Ronald J. Troyer and Gerald E. Markle, the concept of sociological trends of coffee are analyzed. In doing so, it exposes the issues...

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Romantic Theatre, Joanna Bailie, De Montfort

De Montfort is a romantic tragedy authored by playwright Joanna Bailie. On the surface, the narrative of Joanna Baillie’s De Montfort is carved out of what appears to be a deceptively simple plot. However, beneath the surface, it is evident that the plot is attached to various thematic elements. Baum...

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Roman Debate-Augustus in the Arts

Dear Senators and Tributes, I stand before you today to inform you how history has taught us about leaders. Most of us are aware of our leaders’ past and what they did to make our lives better and at times more miserable. Some regimes were characterized by a tyranny that...

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Approaches To Culture

Culture can be approached from a deep and broad perspective when it comes to its shared meaning, site of contestation, and as a resource. As a shared meaning, culture gets to be approached from the perspective of groups in their need to communicate at the deeper and superficial level. It...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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