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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Brazil

Brazil is the largest nation in South America. It is a well-known country and the most attractive to foreign investors in the entire continent. The country’s accomplishments and failures have been greatly shaped by its different cultures and its general geography. The country is a source of many valuable natural...

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High Art versus Low Culture

It’s hard to see at that the story in “Exit through the Gift Shop” will take us down a very interesting and even hilarious path by the end. It starts with a shop owner named Thierry who lives in Los Angeles and is a French immigrant. He is married and...

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Case Study: Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Cross-cultural communication takes place when representatives of different cultures or social groups meet each other. Apart from linguistic discrepancies among nations, there are cultural barriers to understanding each other. Professor Geert Hofstede (1991) defined several dimensions across which different cultures may divert. These are 1) power distance index, 2) masculinity...

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Colonial Policy Culture

Salutary neglect refers to the British policy that permitted the colonists to violate trade regulations. There several reasons that made them come up with the system. For instance, in the initial stages of colonization, there were inadequate agencies to enforce laws in the colonies. In fact, even the laws of...

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Boasian Culture

Frank Boas was a fore runner of American anthropology leaving behind a dynamic legacy and a strong influence on his students; some of whom were large cultural figures. He introduced the idea of cultural relativism in a time when racism was deeply integrated within scientific ideas. Emphasizing that not one...

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