The employment tactic is appealing to the instincts for survival. According to the article, all the new workers are encouraged to set ‘unrealistically high standards’ and to ‘climb over a wall if it stands in their way’. In addition, the form fires all underperforming employees each year, if the employees do not leave in their own accord after failing to live with the high pressure working environment.

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On the other hand, those who are able to adapt the new workplace culture thrive on innovation and are able to amass small fortunes for themselves by selling products to the Amazon consumers. Here, there is a connection between the workplace culture and the organizational objectives. Amazon seeks to be the leader in online marketing and is so far the biggest single virtual store. Therefore, the insistence on input translates into a competitive business culture where all employees are critical of each other and constantly sabotage each other. In the same way, the online business is dependent on the ability of each website to show they are superior to all others and sabotage the operations of the competition.

Despite the innovative contributions of the company, Amazon needs to increase human considerations in the hiring and treatment of workers. Though the workers are paid to reflect their efforts and the success of their contributions, the feeling of mistreatment and exploitation, as is seen in the critical nature of the article, proposes there is dissatisfaction in the workplace.
Despite the relevance of motivating workers and instilling a good culture in the workplace, the culture needs to be within specific guidelines that define the acceptable codes of conduct in the working environment. For this reason, the management needs o facilitate the development of human resources in a more relaxed environment. However, the critical view of Amazon, given the number of new applicants and the impressive output, is baffling and shows just how hard and sensitive it is to get the best out of human resources.