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Consumer Decisions

Buyer group decisions are different from an individual due to the unlikeliness in the selection of choices. The decision process of a group represents the numerous needs of each member unit. Conversely, the individual decisions are personal. Researchers indicate that group decisions are less thoughtful than an individual due to...

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Shopping Trip

Introduction From time to time, we all live through unlucky days in our lives. The same experience happened with me during a rather unsuccessful shopping trip. I was late to receive seasonal discount, the color of sneakers was not the one I wanted, and I had trouble of convincing the...

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Men’s Grooming Industry in Asia market

One’s physical appearance influences the perception of people around the individual. Males and females have a different way of grooming and this ranges from the mode of dressing to how they maintain their physical outlook. The element of grooming and growth of the beauty marketplace vary from region to region....

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Effective Listening

In order to enhance effective listening, it is important to give the customer sufficient attention. Attention can be given by high levels of concentration to ensure that you don’t lose focus on the issues being presented by the client (Hunsaker, 2009). The customer should be given enough time to express...

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Consumer Decision Process Model

The process assumed by consumers in the course of meeting their utility is often very extensive and covers critical aspects of satisfaction. Every stage of the consumer decision process is critical as this would influence the final decision. The consumer decision model is always very essential for producers in the...

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